About Us

Welcome to Love Madeline Elizabeth! (LME)

We all love our families more than words can say. At the same time, we sometimes stand on the verge of madness with tears in our eyes. We all fail on a daily basis – in household & job, in upbringing & relationships, in our partners, children and in ourselves.

At the same time, we are constantly learning. We all know the chaos, we all make mistakes, we all only cook with water. Colorful, real and authentic!

LME shows family life in all its colorful, lively, exhausting and wonderful facets. Informative, at eye level and always with a good dose of serenity! 

We celebrate the imperfect, the chaos and love with a lot of humor and sometimes dark circles under the eyes!

LME does not want to prescribe how education is done, what and how a family has to be. Instead, we try to convey serenity, give suggestions and sometimes encourage critical questions.

Here at LME we want to inspire, not dictate. Encourage instead of regulations.

What we want to pass on are respect, empowerment and the feeling of not being alone with the mad project called family.

Because every family is different and has its own rules and problems. But as different families are, we all want one thing: be happy!

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