15 Activities for Toddler at Home- So Your Child Learns to Play Alone

Indoor activities your toddler will love.

Learn how to get your toddler occupied and busy so you can have a break and your child learns to play alone. Try our ideas!

They cannot read, they should not watch TV and the toys are again of no interest. Busy toddlers are sometimes not that easy.

What to do if playing outside is not an option? No problem with these game ideas!

Activities for Toddler at Home

Many children love to play with things. This suits the parents very well because some things have to be packed:

1- Press and sort cup

Take an empty container with a plastic lid (e.g. a large, empty curd container). 

Cut several holes in the lid. Is your child already bigger, can u paint these holes per a circle in a particular color?

A bowl full of small pompoms (please make sure that they do not put their mouth) should now be pushed piece by piece through the holes in the lid into the can.

Bigger children should sort the pompoms in the appropriate colors to form a circle.

Instead of pompoms, you can use colored pipe cleaners – then make the holes in the lid smaller.

2- Magical magnet

Fill a large plastic bottle with chopped pipe cleaners. Close the bottle well.

Give the child a magnet and show him how it can move the colored strip by the magnet in the bottle. If the magnet is too far away, the pieces fall back to the ground.

An exciting experiment that you can keep your toddler occupied with once they understand the principle. The fun lasts for quite a while.

3- Rain bottle

Fill a blank of plastic bottle 3/4 with toothpicks. Then add a little uncooked rice. Close the bottle tightly.

If you turn the bottle upside down, there is a sound like rain and the rice grains are funny to look at.

4- Sort colors

Cut a large circle or octagon from an empty cardboard box. Divide small triangles and paint them in different colors.

Take wooden pegs in the number of triangles and paint them in the same colors or use colorful plastic pegs. A child should now clip the clothes pegs where the color is the same.

Use the clothespins on the circle to create any order and take pictures. Take several different photos and print them out.

Let d a child try with clothespins the same order as replicate on one of the images.

Instead of colors, you can also use numbers, letters or shapes.

5- Soap bubbles

Sure, we know all the bubbles and even in the simplest variant can connect and inspire: 

You blow the bubbles and surely your toddler will have fun following the bubbles.

6- Create new worlds 

If children no longer use the existing toys after a short time, then these tricks help:

For example, lay the green fabric on the floor and tell them to be a field for the toy animals.

Blue fabrics are great for ships, squeaky ducks and everything else that floats.

A fire can be simulated with red and orange-colored material (fire engines come into play).

If you don’t have any fabric, just use a few t-shirts!

7- Road builder

All kinds of toy vehicles are also a great activity for children. Toy cars immediately regain their appeal if you use painter’s crepe to glue places to tiles/laminate or even walls and thus turn the entire apartment into a freeway.

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8- Paint the window

Painting the windows with special window paints (if necessary also with finger paint) brings color into the apartment. If you don’t like that, you can also move the painting to the bathtub.

If the child is still too small for it or you worry for carpets and furniture have, then you can do the following alternative:

Fill color into a double lock bag (freezer bag) and seal it well. Now stick all four sides of the bag on a table or window.

Your child can now use their fingers to draw patterns on the bag, shifting or mixing the color in the bag.

9- Bathtub art

You’ll need shaving cream, food coloring, and multiple containers. Mix a lot of shaving cream with a food coloring in a container.

Let the child in the empty bathtub (swimsuit or trunks recommended) now tile and bath paint – photos do not forget!

When your child is done, rinse with water and wash off. Of course, you can also offer this during a normal bubble bath and also hand over a few brushes.

But make sure that the shaving cream does not end up in his/her mouth. Don’t let your toddler play in the tub alone.

10- Cover search

Collect empty cream jars, tubes, bottles with the respective lid. Now put all covers and all the containers in one row and let the child find the right pairs and screw.

The great thing is that the child will find mistakes himself and try to correct them. You will be surprised how long toddlers can be occupied with it.

11- Catalogs and magazines

Read magazines and expired catalogs are great for leafing through, tearing or cutting out.

Give your child a unsharpened Children scissors and let him cut out the magazines. 

Another job for children? You can then make a collage from the cut things. 

12- Too many toys?

Most children have too many toys, and yet a lot remains ignored in the corner. Therefore, the first measure is to collect some of the toys and put them in a separate toy box.

Change the contents of this box regularly or keep a different toy box for every day of the week.

This is how toddlers can be occupied because the variety makes them particularly curious.

13- Build a fort or a cave

A classic among children’s engaging ideas: build a dark, mysterious hiding place with blankets and pillows, tables, chairs and cases of drawers.

Or take a large box and pierce small holes from above. Put the lights of a colorful LED light chain in these holes and create a light and mood.

But do not use a chain of lights that produces heat!

14- Build towers

You need several empty cardboard tubes, many pencils, colored pencils and a punch or a sharp object. Punch in each paper tube top and bottom four holes respectively.

This can also be done with scissors, for example. Then enlarge the holes with a sharp pencil.

Now the cardboard tubes with the tighten together to castles and buildings connect.

15- Dress up

Slip into other roles, make yourself chic, or play mom or dad and wear their clothes – grandpa’s hat usually looks good on children too! The dress-up game gives them countless possibilities to play.

Final Thoughts On Activities for Toddler at Home

For all games, make sure that a child is safe and cannot swallow anything.

Not all of these game instructions suitable for every child and age. Decide to experience or what your child already creates.

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15 Activities for Toddler at Home- So Your Child Learns to Play Alone

15 Activities for Toddler at Home- So Your Child Learns to Play Alone
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