How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night (6 Useful Tips)

Wondering how to help your baby sleep better at night?

You have likely arrived at this article because you are wondering how to help your baby sleep through the night. 

So stick around till the end of this post. Because I will be sharing useful tips on how to develop a simple routine that can help your baby sleep through the night.

Every mom, especially first-time moms of a baby at some point asks the desperate question:

How can I help my baby sleep through the night?

There are no magic recipes here because every baby is different. But you can guide your child and try these tips, some of which worked well for me.

Is there a perfect sleep aid for the baby?

Is there a perfect sleep aid for baby

You see: As different as families and children are, methods of learning to fall asleep are just as diverse.

There cannot be a perfect sleep aid for the baby that is guaranteed to always work. Because even if your baby falls asleep quite a few weeks, it can change again afterward.

You have to accept every growth phase of a baby or child and support him/her with understanding as much as possible.

It can be very stressful for mom and dad. Therefore, it helps to take turns to fall asleep, so that your baby learns to trust both of you and can be put to bed by both.

You should only talk to each other and follow the same routine and procedures.

Try the following tips below to help your baby sleep through the night and see what your baby needs and takes well.

Remember: You are NOT bad parents if none of this helps your child.

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

1- Creates a comfortable and safe sleeping environment

Creates a comfortable and safe sleeping environment

Like us, a baby needs a comfortable environment in order to sleep well. Make sure that the bed is not too crowded with cuddly toys or blankets.

A newborn doesn’t really need any cuddly toys or the like. The baby should also not have too much clothing, but also not freeze.

 recommended that babies sleep in a temperature between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C). Always test whether your baby sweats on the neck or not. The room should be darkened and well ventilated before sleeping.

Here’s how you can provide a safe sleep environment for your baby as per CDC safe sleep guidelines for babies.

  • Place babies on their back for every sleep.
  • Room share, but not bed-share with babies.
  • Keep soft bedding such as blankets, pillows, bumper pads, and soft toys out of their baby’s sleep area.
  • Learn about safe sleep practices for your baby and talk to your healthcare provider.

If your baby sleeps next to you in the family bed, she/he should be able to turn and not be covered by too many blankets or pillows. Overall, it should be quiet or a music box runs in the background.

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Some parents swear by the White Noise Machine sleep aid.

This sound machine with baby lullaby and night light offers constant rhythm and a soft glow to help your baby stay asleep peacefully. A good alternative for all family bed doubters.

This white noise machine is available on Amazon.

2- Develop a sleep ritual

Develop a sleep ritual

Your baby has to learn the structure and the daily and night rhythm first.

The same procedures help him to do this. You should get used to this when going to bed at night.

Make the activities down at the same time and always follow the same order. For example:

  • brush his teeth (as soon as the first teeth are there), 
  • bathe, change, put on pajamas, cuddle, or look at a book and put him to bed.

3- Lay a baby down comfortably and safely

Lay a baby down comfortably and safely

What does it mean to lay a baby down safely?

A baby should have some space to sleep, especially when he starts to turn on his side and stomach at night. However, it often helps a few months old infants to feel limited when sleeping.

This reminds him of the womb, where it was also very tight. For this, you can put rolled blankets on the sides of the bed or you can use a Baby Crib BumperThe baby can hold onto this later if necessary.

Baby Crib Bumper is available on Amazon.

Some infants don’t like being wrapped, but some like to fall asleep tightly wrapped up. A swaddle or a baby sleep sack can help. But you definitely have to try that.

Many parents ask themselves: Blanket or sleeping bag as a sleep aid?

You will quickly notice this on your baby. Many babies kick the blanket after a while, so they are better in the sleeping bag.

Mostly, swaddled babies like this as the next stage after the swaddle. But if your child sleeps very quietly and moves little, there is nothing to be said against a pleasantly soft and not too thick blanket.

However, sleeping bags are always recommended for newborns because they cannot slide under the covers when they kick their feet.

4- Sing to them

Sing to them

For many babies, it helps to sing to them while they fall asleep, to whisper softly, or to tell something else. Of course, it shouldn’t be too long or too exciting.

The sound of your voice can calm your baby down. It is also only a matter of a few minutes that you can try this before going to sleep.

Some babies like single noises when falling asleep (so-called white noise).

This can be raindrops, wind, a hairdryer, or the washing machine. Such noises are even available as an app to help your baby fall asleep.

5- Be patient and take your time

Be patient and take your time

Basically, you should stay relaxed when it comes to falling asleep. I know it’s so easy to say that if you need several attempts again, the child is sleeping or sitting in bed for hours.

But these phases also come and go. If you are stressed and annoyed during the sleep ritual, then your baby will notice this and become more restless or cry.

Then none of you will be helped. You may prefer to take turns when one partner is in a bad mood.

And if the child does not want to sleep at 8 p.m., you have already tried everything and he/she is still cheerful at 10 p.m., unfortunately, this is also part of it.

Be comforted: All parents go through this.

6- Should you let your baby cry it out or not

Should you let your baby cry it out or not

It used to be said: Let the child cry, they have to learn to fall asleep on their own.

“The debate over whether parents should leave a wailing baby to “cry it out” or rush to their aid has been reignited by research that suggests allowing them to bawl does no harm.” –

For the cry, it out method, expect that you’re going to have a couple or even a week of rough nights. 

If you’re ready to try the Cry It Out Method. You will learn more in this article by Colleen de Bellefonds of

Final Thoughts on How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

bay sleep through the night

Falling asleep is not rocket science. Certainly, some parents will now say: I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t help us. I can only say: Yes, it can be.

There is simply no solution for all children and families. Above all, do not put pressure on yourself and your baby and immerse in advice for nights.

Our 10-month-old son is now sleeping well, but for some unknown reason, there are evenings where, despite the same ritual, he does not sleep for his usual time, but sits in bed.

It only helps to take a deep breath and hold your hands. When in doubt, I lie down with him and often fall asleep right away.

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How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night (6 Useful Tips)

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