6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

Baby games change as the child’s weeks of life pass. Throughout the different stages of development they will spontaneously develop one another, and so on.

Our task is to guide these games so that they bring more benefits to the baby.

Being a parent requires a great investment in time and effort, among other things because the baby demands a lot of attention and care. 

Today it is not just about grooming and feeding the smallest of the house.


6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

Baby games are a key activity for their development.

Main benefits of baby games

“Playtime helps develop a baby’s social, intellectual, language, and problem-solving skills,” says Marilyn Segal, PhD, an early childhood studies program director at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.” – parents.com

The benefits of incorporating games into the baby’s daily routine are endless.

With them they learn spontaneously and allow them to get to know themselves and their surroundings.

They relate more easily to others, they begin to channel their emotions and externalize their feelings and needs.

To play baby games, in most cases you only need to reserve a little time from the daily routine. 

In addition, the information necessary to make games according to the age of each child.

Some very interesting baby games

1. Let the palms ring (from 0 to 3 months)

6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

The sound produced by joining both hands is one of the simplest yet pleasant baby games for the little one. 

With it you get the ideal combination, if the claps are accompanied by the melody of your favorite song.

To make the game more stimulating, you have to help the baby gently join his own hands. 

2. Dance partner (from month 0)

Music stimulates the senses and is capable of changing the mood of anyone. 

Therefore, dancing with the baby exploring with various rhythms and styles will be an enriching activity.

Take him/her in your arms and move your body to the rhythm of the music. 

Start with smooth movements and as the baby grows, more complex movements can be made.

Whatever the movements, never bounce the baby abruptly.

3. Flying baby (from 6 months)

Hanging him/her in the air is a suitable game for when a baby can hold his head on his own.

He can be simulated to be a space rocket, a helicopter, or a superhero. 

With this, you will bring out the smile of the little one, while stimulating his imagination. And strengthening the muscles responsible for holding his head.

It is a simple game that can be done at any time of the day. With it, motor skills are enhanced.

4. Double baby (from 3 to 6 months)

According to firstthingsfirst.org “Playing with a mirror is a good time, and it also supports your child’s healthy development and learning. It helps develop their visual senses, most obviously. “

Playing in front of the mirror brings many benefits to the baby, such as learning to recognize herself. 

Start the game by gesturing face to face and then repeat them in front of the mirror.

With this game the child will have the first indications that what he sees is his reflection and that of who directs the game. 

This activity will be more fun for him by moving him closer and away from the mirror little by little.

Playing in front of the mirror also contributes to the maturation of the brain, and will help them with coordination and precision in movements. 

Another important aspect is to promote the creation of their own ego. The appropriate toys can also be used for this.

5. We play order (6 months and up)

6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

With an easy to fill and empty container like a shoebox. The baby can put in and out as many times as he wants the objects of his preference.

The game will be started by mom or dad, encouraging the baby to imitate them. 

To make the activity more fun you can empty the box at once by making funny gestures, and then start filling it one by one. 

This will also encourage the habit of picking up toys after using them.

As the baby grows, the game can evolve encouraging him to group the objects by colors and/or size.

6. Where is the baby? (from 4 to 12 months)

6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

Few people can resist catching a baby’s laugh. Although pretending to lose sight of it is one of the most common games, it is also one of the most fun for everyone.

In addition, in a very short time it will help the baby to obtain coordination on the location of his face. 

Often the little one thinks that covering his eyes is enough to make him invisible.

These baby games will make the routine more entertaining for family members. 

Day by day, it will be an enriching and educational activity for the development of the baby. In addition to creating a bond between parents and children.

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6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months

6 Best Everyday Baby Games From 0-12 Months
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