Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids with Free Printable Clues

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Tips with Free Printable Clues

You have likely arrived at this post because you are looking for a Christmas scavenger hunt ideas for kids. Right? 

So stick around till the end of this post. Because I will be sharing some fun Christmas scavenger hunt ideas and tips that your kids and the whole family will enjoy. 

In this post, you will find the following:

  • Christmas scavenger ideas for kids
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt Rhymes and Clues (FREE printable)
  • How to Organize the Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • How to Play Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • The Reward for The Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for the Christmas treasure is a great Christmas game for children for the Christmas parties. 

Children of all ages can participate in this game, if you want to keep the little ones entertained, don’t miss this article.

The time required:  30-60 minutes, depending on the introduction

Suitable for: Children, Christmas, adults

Where: Outside, inside, neighborhood, home

Let’s get started!

You could include the following in your Christmas scavenger hunt:

You could include the following in your Christmas scavenger hunt
  • A Santa Claus
  • A chain of lights on the garden fence
  • A decorated Christmas tree in the garden
  • A festive wreath on the front door
  • A snowman (made of real snow hopefully)
  •  Artificial snowflakes on the window
  • A Christmas sign
  • The most beautifully decorated house for you

If your children are a little older and the simple hunt is no longer engaging, you can also start a small series of puzzles.

Turn the kids into detectives who have to solve different puzzles to get to their gifts step by step.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Rhymes and Clues

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Rhymes and Clues

As with any treasure hunt, rhymes are the best arrangement in the Christmas scavenger hunt – and unfortunately not that easy either. 

It’s best to think about the tasks you want to set and think of cozy, wintery rhymes for them.

So I’ve compiled a list of examples of Christmas scavenger hunt rhymes and clues for you. You can download this at the end of this post, or pick your favorites and write them out yourself. 

  • Rudolph is Santa’s #1 flyer. No go look by the washer & _____.
  • Santa Clue wears a bright suit made of red. No, go look where you rest your head.
  • Santa’s white beard shows us he’s pretty old. Your next clue can be found where we keep the food cold.
  • You are going through these clues at a good pace, The next one is hidden in the fire _____.
  • Your patience may be starting to lag, But stay strong! Go look where you’d find a trash bag.
  • The air inside can be a bit stale. Get some fresh air by checking the mail.
  • Brrrr! Outside is really quite chilly, Next check the front porch, but don’t be silly.
  • I know you’re ready to come inside, But fist you’ll need to check the car in which you ride.
  • Tired of having your route twisted and turned? Don’t give up! Go look in a book from which you have learned.
  • The elves are so festive wearing suits of red and green. Your next clue is where your backpack was last seen.
  • Santa has a sleigh full of presents he needs to give, And you should check where your clean, folded clothes live.
  • You are certainly hoping to be on the list of kids who have been nice. You may want to check where you can find the ice.
  • A present is great, and it’s nice to also get a Christmas card. Head right now out to the front yard.
  • Rudolph is the lead reindeer because his nose can be seen. For your next clue, check inside the washing machine.
  • Remember how the Bumble in Rudolph lived in a cave? He had to heat his food over a fire because he had no microwave.
  • Everyone knows that Santa and Mrs. Claus reside at the North Pole, But you may be surprised at what is in your cereal bowl.
  • Holly leaves are deep green, and the berries are red. Your next clue is under your bed.
  • Are you using your brain yet? Good! These clues are designed to make you think. You can find the next one under the kitchen sink.
  • I know you love that YouTube video, but please pause it. Go find the next clue hidden inside a ______.

For more samples of Christmas scavenger hunt clues, please visit this article: 70 Printable Christmas scavenger hunt clues

How to Organize the Christmas Scavenger Hunt

How to Organize the Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Finding the Christmas treasure is a very fun game for children and quite simple to organize. 

To put it into practice, you only need to hide a treasure somewhere in the house and prepare some clues that will guide the children. 

In this game, from two players to an unlimited number can participate, if you have many children at home you can always divide them into teams.

Step 1

For this game, you need to first hide the treasure box somewhere in the house.

Step 2

Then prepare the clues that the children must lead to and hide them around the house as well, they can be riddles, small maps, or tests that they must pass to get to the next clue.

Step 3

Then organize the kids into teams, and … go for the treasure Christmas scavenger hunting!

How to Play Christmas Scavenger Hunt

How to Play  Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Step 1

Select the present that will be the “treasure”. Often, the “treasure” can be the most desired gift of the year: 

  • a musical instrument, 
  • a computer game, 
  • a new hockey stick or wireless laptop, 
  • a special piece of clothing, 
  • a popular doll, 
  • or whatever that your child wants.

Step 2

Wrap the gift and hide it in an unusual place; 

  • in the parent’s closet, 
  • in the dryer or dishwasher, 
  • or even in the back seat of the car.

Step 3

Write the first clue on a card or piece of paper and place it on the Christmas tree. 

You can write in two lines, if you are a poet at heart (for example, “Merry Christmas, a child with eyes so blue. / Check under your bed / Look in your shoe!”)

Step 4

Write a second step and hide it in the place shown on the first step. Keep writing and hide the clues until you reach the final clue that will lead the child to her gift. 

Make sure the gift is hidden in the spot shown on the final clue.

Step 5

Go through your clues and make sure they are placed where they are supposed to be. 

Allow the children to read and follow the clues to find their “treasure” after all the gifts have been discovered.

The Reward for The Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The Reward for The Christmas Scavenger Hunt

During the Christmas season, of course, Santa Clauses made of chocolate, roasted almonds, and Christmas cookies are best. 

If you want it to look like a treasure, choose chocolate coins or balls with gold / yellow packaging. Or let the children find a bowl full of self-baked Christmas cookies. 

While the cookies are baking in the stove, you can play scavenger hunt games and in the end, your kids will be rewarded with the finished cookies.

Final Thoughts About Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

 Christmas Scavenger Hunt

You can always depend on Santa Claus to deliver the presents under the tree every Christmas night. 

To get to the home of all the children around the world, however, the jolly old elf has a big task and he appreciates all the help he can get to please all those who trust him. 

You can help make Christmas morning even more exciting for the kids at home by creating a Christmas scavenger hunt. A sense of humor and a few prints are all you need to start this fun tradition.

Before you go, don’t forget to download the Christmas scavenger hunt clues below. Simply click download, print, and hunt away!

If you want to write them out yourself, you may want to download this one below.

More Christmas Ideas and Tips 

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Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids (45 FREE Printable Clues)

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