Fun Games for Kids and Parents to Play In The Home Garden

Fun Games for Kids and Parents to Play In The Home Garden

We give you some ideas to enjoy the home garden with your family with these fun games for kids and parents.

If you have a garden at home and you want to take advantage of it to play fun games with your children, pay attention to this post.

Because in it we explain in detail how to bring out some recreational activities outside your home.

“A child’s play is not simply a reproduction of what he has experienced, but a creative working of the impressions he has acquired.” – Vygotsky

Fun games for kids and parents to play in the home garden

1. The bomb

To bring out this game, you need a ball and a band or cloth to cover your eyes. 

Players must sit on the floor in a circle, while one of them is placed in the center of it. 

This should cover the eyes with a band, cloth or, if preferred, with the hands.

The game begins when the rest of the players start to pass, from one hand to the other and as quickly as possible, the ball, which will simulate being a bomb. 

This is when the participant sitting in the center of the circle should start counting to 30 and give the following instructions out loud:

  • As many times as you see fit you should say “U-turn,” and the other players will have to pass the ball in the opposite direction.
  • When, when counting, he reaches number 25, he has to warn the rest of the participants saying “the bomb is going to explode” and, when he reaches 30, he has to say “the bomb exploded”.

Thus, when the “bomb explodes”, the person holding the ball at that moment is eliminated. This is repeated until only one player remains.

2. Spoon blindly

For this game you only need a wooden spoon and a band or cloth to cover the eyes. 

As in the previous game, the participants have to sit in a circle and one of them must be placed in the center, covering their eyes with a band or cloth.

Also, this same player in the center must pick up a wooden spoon. Its mission is to try to touch with the spoon any participant who is sitting in the circle. 

But this is not as easy as it seems since the rest of the players can avoid the spoon moving from one side to the other, but without getting up from the site.

When the player manages to touch someone with the spoon, this person must say aloud “cu, cu”

So if the participant in the center manages to guess who the person he is touching is, the roles are changed. 

But, if you do not succeed, you must continue the game until you recognize one of the companions.

3. Hidden chalk, one of the most fun games for kids you can play in your garden

This outdoor game consists of hiding chalk for the rest of the players to look for. 

But the procedure is not so simple. First of all, you have to decide which area of ​​the garden will be used as a “safety zone”,

Where the players have to stay until one of the participants hides the chalk.

When it is properly hidden, the others must leave the “safety zone” and explore the garden trying to find it. 

If the task becomes very complicated, the person who has hidden it can give clues about where it is located.

The moment one of the players finds the chalk, he must run to paint as many participants as possible with it before they take refuge in the “safety zone”. 

The marked companions are eliminated and the person who found the chalk is now in charge of hiding it again.


Fun Games for Kids and Parents to Play In The Home Garden
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