Garden Activities for Kids

Garden Activities for Kids – Super Fun and Creative

Discover these nine garden activities for kids that gives opportunities for the family to have fun and learn together. These garden activities for kids also encourage learning and love for nature.

Garden Activities for Kids - Super Fun and Creative


Sometimes it is not so easy to lure the little kids out of the house.

But with a few new ways to play, you may be able to do it faster than you might think.

No matter if you already have a play area with a swing and have built a slide for children in the garden or not, a few renovations and additions can never hurt.

And such new games don’t have to be expensive either. You can make numerous and creative game ideas yourself and even let the children help so that the anticipation is even greater.

The following garden activities for kids will surely lure even the largest couch potatoes into the open and allow you to quickly enjoy the time in the fresh air.

Are you curious?

Take a look at our ideas and decide together with the children which one is the most suitable. And if you can’t decide, choose several variants!

1. Garden activities for kids – build your own racetrack

Garden Activities for Kids That Encouraged Fun Learning Activities
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Not only boys will enjoy this idea. Find a free corner in the garden where you can build a racetrack for your children’s toy cars.

It is a permanent racetrack that will not be dismantled afterward. Therefore, choose an area that you no longer use.

Ideally, you would dig out a thin layer of grass or earth to form the racetrack.

You can then fill the canal thus obtained with cement and after drying, provide it with traffic strips and other things.

If you do not want the streets to remain permanently in the garden, you can also use other garden activities for kids for a racetrack.

For example, paving stones are suitable which can be freely arranged by the children themselves and can be put away after playing.

The racetracks from the room can also be easily set up in the garden.

Be happy to be really creative when building a race track.

Build tunnels with PVC pipes or bridges, parking lots, and much more. This is one thing that you can plan and implement together with the children.

With such garden activities for kids, even the previously boring toys from the room are transformed into interesting ones.

2. Water feature with pipes for the garden

Garden Activities for Kids That Encouraged Fun Learning Activities
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An alternative to the mud kitchen is this interesting water feature, with which not only small ones, but also larger ones are guaranteed to like to play.

In addition, you can even build it yourself and it is a cheap alternative to expensive games from retail.

All you need is some PVC pipes from the hardware store, a large box or washbowl, some funnels, and some imagination.

You then use these things to build a scaffold that raises the washbowl. The bowl or box can also stand on the floor or on two chairs but should be secured so that it does not fall on the children.

You can put together the water feature as you like so that the water can be poured in at the top and flow out somewhere further down.

Alternatively, you can play with sand instead of water.

These garden ideas for children are particularly interesting when the children can also disassemble and assemble the pipes themselves.

3. Lounge as garden activities for kids

Garden Activities for Kids That Encouraged Fun Learning Activities
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If the children’s pool is now too small to splash around or is so torn that it is no longer suitable for bathing, you can also use it for such a cozy lounge.

Does your child love to read? Then it can do this outside in the garden in its own lounge.

The project is really extremely simple. Because all you have to do for such garden activities for kids is to equip the pool with some blankets and cuddly pillows and the children’s lounge is ready for use.

And we are certain that this idea is not just for children. So do you have a bigger pool? Use it for romantic hours for two under the starry sky. 🙂

4. Garden activities for kids – the popular trampoline with a difference

Don’t you have a trampoline yet but still have space in your garden? Then you should definitely consider it.

Because it can not only be used for bouncing, it also proves to be more diverse than you thought.

The protective net can be used as a support for blankets or sheets and a tent or shack can be built.

Funny games can also be played there. If the trampoline is directly over a pool, the water splashes when hopping, for example.

The so-called fireball is also a fun game and arguably one of the most fun garden ideas for children:

On the trampoline, there is a ball that nobody is allowed to touch.

Due to the movements of the children, the ball also moves in all possible directions and the children have to avoid it.

The game becomes even more interesting if more than one ball is used.

5. Teach children how to garden

Maybe your children are more interested in spending more time in the garden than in front of the computer when they are responsible for something.

Teach them gardening!

This is the classic among garden ideas for children and almost every garden owner will sooner or later try this idea. Find a suitable area for the little ones and you’re ready to go.

It is up to you whether you want to design a flower bed or plant vegetables. The children can make the decision themselves.

Show them the basics and explain when to water and how to pluck the weeds.

It is best to leave the little ones to the simpler tasks and always stand by them when they have questions.

The little gardeners will be particularly proud if they also have their own garden tools.

In the trade, there are shovels, rakes, watering cans, and the like in small format that you can use for such garden activities for kids.

6. DIY water pillow

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Absolute fun, even on hot days or just then, are such water cushions that you can even easily make yourself. You don’t think that?

See for yourself and you are guaranteed to have so much fun with the DIY project that you will make more than just a pillow.

It is best to start with a rectangular or square shape.

Once you get the hang of it, you can not only make pillows in different sizes but also try different shapes.

To craft such garden activities for your kids you need the following:

– thick painting film in any size

– Iron Garden hose

– food coloring

– duct tape

– Parchment paper

If you want to make water pillows as garden ideas for children, first take the parchment paper and fold it in the middle.

Draw a straight line about 5 cm from the fold and parallel to it. This will later show you where to iron. Now take two foils (if you want a different size, cut them first).

Unfold the parchment paper and place the edge of a foil in the fold and then the second over it. It is best to start with one of the corners.

Close the parchment paper again and you can start ironing. The paper has the function of protecting your iron. Otherwise, the film would melt and stick to the iron.

When ironing, the two film edges now melt together and a tight seal is created.

Once you have finished welding a part, let the foil cool down a bit and then move the parchment to the next area.

Repeat this on all sides, but leave a small opening at the end (preferably near a corner. Now you can go into the garden with the glued foil and put a garden hose through the hole to fill the pillow with water.

Now you can also add color to the water if you want a colored cushion.

Finally, either glue the hole with broad adhesive tape or weld this hole again with an iron.

If you want to drain the water as you like and keep filling the water cushion, then the tape is the better choice.

If you enjoyed it, make a few more and call your little ones into the garden to try out these garden ideas for children.

7. Garden activities for kids – make tic tac toe yourself

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This simple but interesting game always captivates children and adults.

And it becomes even more interesting for the garden because the children can not only help with the production, but the end product also looks much more inviting and fun than the purchased versions.

The possibilities are countless. A small game can be tinkered on a wooden board or a wooden disc, while tiles or stone slabs can be used for larger versions in the middle of the garden.

The play figures for these garden activities for kids can be made of stones, which is a particularly good idea since these can be painted by the children.

Whether you paint the classic crosses and circles or funny insects like ladybugs and bees or frogs doesn’t matter, the main thing is you’re having fun with your kids.

8. Gravel pit instead of the sandpit

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A sandpit is rarely missing in a garden where children also play. But how about building a small gravel pit instead or even in addition?

The principle is the same as with the sandpit, except that you use gravel instead of sand.

The little construction workers are guaranteed to use their toy trucks and excavators there with pleasure.

For the gravel pit, you can use molds and boxes for sandboxes or dig a pit in the garden.

Line it with perforated foil so that weeds cannot grow through, but water can drain off and then fill with gravel. Use finer or coarser gravel as you like or mix different variants.

9. Garden activities for kids – blackboard for drawing with chalk

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Drawing with chalk is great fun for every child. Outside, the children mostly use paved paths to chalk them.

The terrace is also suitable, depending on the flooring, or the garden paths.

If you want to be able to watch your children, but also not necessarily have painted your beautiful terrace, then a chalkboard is the perfect addition to your garden.

Chalkboards as garden activities for kids can be used anywhere:

Hang them on the privacy screen, on the shed, or on another free wall or build a stand for them and put them somewhere else in the garden.


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Garden Activities for Kids – Super Fun and Creative
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