Cute halloween costume for baby boy

Halloween Costume for Baby Boy (2020 Halloween Baby Boy Costumes)

Super adorable Halloween costume ideas your baby boy will love!

One of the most essential elements for Halloween is a good costume. Today we bring you a super cute Halloween costume for baby boy.

Halloween is definitely one of the most exciting and looked forward holidays for people especially for kids. 

Other than the “trick or treat” thing, the thrill of disguising with Halloween costumes can be super fun, especially for kids and their parents. 

Including babies into the holiday spirit of Halloween costume, dressing-up is the next big craze.

So if you are looking for a Holloween costume for baby boy, then stick around-til the end of the post. I will be sharing the best and cutest Halloween costume ideas that you and your little one will love!

Halloween costume for baby boy

Newborn Holloween costume for baby boy 

If you’re looking for your newborn baby boy Halloween costume ideas, then take a look at our super cute collections below. 

These newborn Halloween costumes are also perfect for the memorable photo of your baby’s first Halloween!

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1- Sandwich Blanket Cute Halloween Costume

Your heart will certainly melt with this super cute Halloween costume for your little one. This sandwich blanket will bring the cutest sandwich to your home this Halloween!

This comes with a sandwich wrap blanked and a funny hat with felt vegetables. 

This super cute sandwich blanket is available on Amazon. 

2- Cute Penguin Sleeping Bag Halloween Costume for baby boy

Your little one will look so lovely on this cute penguin sleeping bag. This is suitable for zero to three months babies and your baby can also wear this for several months. 

Your baby will look so perfect for the memorable photography shoots for his first Halloween!

You can find this cute penguin sleeping bag on Amazon. 

3- Handmade Crochet Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

This handmade crochet Halloween costume is surely irresistible for your little one’s first Halloween and photoshoot! 

You can find this super adorable Halloween costume for a baby boy on Amazon. 

My First Halloween Costume Sets for Baby Boy:

Below we offer the best and cutest finds on Amazon for your little one’s first Halloween outfit! 

Make sure to take your time, because these are all super adorable! 

4- First Halloween Pumpkin Hoodie Romper

5- My First Halloween Pumpkin

6- My First Halloween Outfit Pumpkin Long Sleeve Pants Set

7-  Pumpkin and Romper Ghosts Pants and Hat

Unique and Super Cute Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

These unique and cute Halloween costumes for baby boys are available on various sizes and ages from zero to 24 months. 

We have selected several of the best, cutest, and most popular finds on Amazon. So sit back, relax, and have fun choosing what’s perfect for your little one’s Halloween costume!

8- Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit with NASA patches and diaper snaps

This is one of the cutest, best, most popular, and best seller Halloween costume for baby boy. Currently with 2,449 ratings and five stars!

Parents are highly recommending this adorable costume and their little ones look very cute on this costume. 

So if you and you’re little one is fascinated with Astronauts, then you will surely love this cute costume. 

9-  Darling Dragon

10-  Lil’ Monkey Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

11- Toy Story

12- Baby Boys’ Baby Jack

13- Marvel Avengers Baby Boys’ Bodysuit & Pants 

14- Star Wars Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

15- Baby Shark Halloween Costume

16- Lovely Avocuddles!

This is an extremely adorable Halloween costume for baby boy! If you and your baby are an avocado lover just like me, then you will surely love this costume. 

I can’t get over the cuteness overload of this Halloween costume!

17- Dinky Dino Dinosaur 

18- Baby Elvis Costume

19- Superman Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

20- Born to be Wild

21- Halloween Pumpkin

Things to Consider About The Halloween Costume for Your Baby Boy

Surely among so many suggestions, you will find the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones. However, if you can’t find the perfect one for your sweetie, try not to stress yourself about it. 

If you are stuck at home, you can still celebrate Halloween with your little one at home. 

Make sure to take plenty of cute photos of your little one in his costumes. So you can pick which one is the best to print out for this year’s Halloween remembrance of your baby boy.

Happy Halloween!

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