Halloween Costume for Baby Girl

Halloween Costume for Baby Girl (Super Adorable)

Halloween costume your baby girl will love!

Halloween is just around the corner, and many parents are already looking for ideas for a children’s party, a terrifying snack, and a movie set. 

But there is no great celebration without its corresponding Halloween costume and a good makeup to complete it.

Therefore, we want to offer these Halloween costume ideas for baby girl.

Ranging from the most typical protagonists of this terrifying night, less fearsome to super adorable and unique Halloween costume for baby girl. 

Ready for the “trick or treat” thing?

Witches and vampires, the most classic Halloween costume for baby girl

Witch and vampire costumes are the most classic options for Halloween. 

Customize your costume with accessories and makeup. And you will succeed at any party worth it’s salt!

These are some of the designs that we have selected for Halloween costumes for babies.

Halloween Costume for Baby Girl

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1- Little witch Halloween costume for baby girl

Charming and cute little witch costume for baby girl.  Available on Amazon for sizes from 6 to 24 months.

2- Vampire Halloween costume

Cuddly and adorable vampire costume specially designed for baby girl. Available on Amazon for sizes from 0 to 12 months.

The irresistible Pumpkins and zucchini Halloween costume for baby girl

If there is a symbol that identifies the Halloween party, it is the pumpkin, so any costume or accessory related to it will be perfect.

We offer some ideas that you will surely love:

3- Cute pumpkin

Adorable pumpkin hooded romper with top legging pants. Perfect and warm for babies from zero to 24 months. Available at Amazon. 

In Amazon, you can also find these irresistible pumpkin costumes for a newborn baby girl. 

Bats Halloween costume for baby girl

Bats are those creatures of the night that should never be missing at a Halloween party; either as a disguise or as objects of a terrifying decoration. 

But these costumes that we suggest are not terrifying at all, quite the opposite: they are adorable, fun, and even some very colorful.

4- Black Bat Costume

Adorable cotton costume, specially designed for children from zero to 24 months. Warm, comfortable, and practical to change when needed. 

Available on Amazon for sizes from zero to 24 months.

5- Super cute bat costume

And have you ever seen a bat as cute as this? With this costume, specially designed for babies from 18 months, your little ones will look beautiful, and there will be no one to resist them. 

Available on Amazon in different sizes. 

Terrifyingly but super adorable monsters and skeletons Halloween costumes for baby girl

During Halloween night the streets are filled with skeletons and monsters, but with these costumes, your little ones will look terrifyingly fun and adorable. Take a look at our collection!

6- Frankenstein costume

The adorable Frankenstein costume is made of one piece and a hat. Perfect for babies, from six months to eighteen months, approximately. Available on Amazon 

7- Furry and colorful costume

And shouting “trick or treating” will not be able to resist this monstrous, furry and colorful costume, available on Amazon for babies from zero to 24 months. 

8- Glow in the dark skeleton

This other skeleton costume, carved for babies between one to two years old, we found it perfect for its comfort and practicality in design. And Simple glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumeAvailable on Amazon, in different sizes. 

Other unique Halloween costume for baby girl

But if your children want to surprise with a different costume than what we have proposed, without neglecting uniqueness and fear, take a look at these examples that we have found. They are all terrifying and cute!

9- Super cute and unique Lil’ Monster Halloween costume for baby girl

If what you are looking for is for your little one to “terrorize” everyone with her alien costume, take a look at this unique furry monster costume You will find it on Amazon with available sizes between six to twelve months.

10- Alien costume

And we continue with the extraterrestrial theme! With this Alien costume, available on Amazon for different ages, your little one will cause a sensation on a night as special as Halloween. 

11- Dinosaurs

Is your little one a fan of dinosaurs? If so, Halloween night is the perfect setting to combine both hobbies and cause real terror with this Spooktacular Dinosaur Costume Set for Halloween Trick or Treating. Available on Amazon for ages 12 to 24 months.

12- Raccoon costume

This raccoon costume is perfect for Halloween, as it is not only fluffy and especially warm for a cold night like that.

But its large hood and mask give it a very characteristic look of this dark party. You can buy it on Amazon with available sizes from 6 to 24 months.

13- Spider Halloween Costume for Baby Girl

And if you are one of those who fear spiders, with this charming little spider costume, all the phobias will pass. 

It is made in a T-shirt and leggings set and is comfortable and practical to change your baby’s diaper. Available on Amazon in sizes from zero to 24 months.

14- Super adorable and unique skeleton Halloween costume for baby girl

Putting on this jumpsuit will surely make your baby a protagonist, and your little one will be eye-catching.

You can find this cute Halloween costume on Amazon with different sizes from zero to 24 months. 

15- Harry Potter

And there is no Halloween party worth it’s salt without a good dose of magic. And who better for it than Harry Potter himself? 

If you are fans of the saga at home, take a look at this spectacular costume that you can buy at Amazon. 

Super Adorable Baby Girl Halloween Outfits

16- Ghost Pants 

It comes with long sleeve black onesies with smile bowknot ghost and “Boo” printed, elastic pants, yellow bunny headband. 

This baby Halloween set is very festive and will make your baby shine in the crowd after wearing it.

You can find this on Amazon with available sizes from zero to 18 months.

17- Baby girl first Halloween!

If it’s your little one’s first Halloween, then you and your baby will love this super cute costume! 

Give your sweet and pumpkin pie a gift for Halloween or as a gift for your baby, and your baby will receive a lot of compliments.

You can find this adorable outfit on Amazon. 

Things to Consider About The Halloween Costume for Your Baby Girl

Surely among so many suggestions, you will find the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones. However, if you can’t find the perfect one for your sweetie, try not to stress yourself about it. 

If you are stuck at home, you can still celebrate Halloween with your little ones at home. 

Make sure to take plenty of cute photos of your little one in her costumes. So you can pick which one is the best to print out for this year’s Halloween remembrance of your little one. 

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Costume for Baby Girl

Halloween Costume for Baby Girl (Super Adorable)

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