How to Bond With Your Baby

How to Bond With Your Baby (New Parents Guide)

Bonding with your baby

Are you a first-time mom or dad? Wondering how to bond with your baby? Then stick around till the end of this article because I will be sharing essential and helpful tips on how to bond with your baby. 

In this article. You will learn:

  • The importance of baby bonding
  • What can you do to build trust
  • How does the baby develop a bond with the parents
  • Ways for a new dad to bond with baby

What is bonding?

what is bonding

According to, bonding is:

“A relationship that usually begins at the time of birth between a parent and offspring and that establishes the basis for an ongoing mutual attachment.

This invisible bond is the most intense connection a person makes in his/her life.

The bond has different functions: it secures the life of your newborn and the possibility to build basic trust. 

Why is it important to bond with your baby?

Why is it important to bond with your baby?

The bonding phase shapes how the child will experience relationships with others in the future and react to new, unknown situations. 

It will help build firm confidence that there is little to fear in life if you can rely on each other.

The baby develops this feeling of security from how his caregivers, i.e. the parents, react to his needs. 

An infant can only express himself through body language and emotions; he can cry or scream, grumble in annoyance, look attentively and babble happily later. 

In the best case, the parents react very sensitively to their baby and quickly understand what is needed. 

For example, safely bound babies later show greater interest in the environment, a balanced nature, self-confidence, and less fear of anything new.

What can you do to build trust?

What can you do to build trust?

Bonding begins at birth. Parents are happy if they can spend a lot of time with the newborn immediately afterward. 

If possible, they should stay with their child throughout the hospital stay and go home with the family as soon as possible. 

The best way for parents and newborns to relax and get closer is in the familiar, quiet environment of the home.

These are ideal conditions to build trust from the start, which should be strengthened in the coming weeks and months.

How does the baby develop a bond with the parents?

how to bond with your baby

Bonding is not limited to birth because it is not a one-time event. Rather, it can be described as a process in which the baby develops a bond with the parents and vice versa. 

Bonding takes time. 

Parents should, therefore, pay a lot of attention to the child. For example, midwives advise that you often cuddle with the newborn. 

For example, a baby can be placed on the chest so that the child can absorb the scent of your skin and feel your warmth (The kangaroo care or skin to skin contact with your newborn).

Friendly eye contact also ensures that the child can develop a bond with the parents.

How can the bond between baby and parents be strengthened?

The connection between baby and parents can be strengthened with love and warmth.

Parents should be fully responsive to their child’s needs, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take care of themselves. 

In the first eight months of the child, they should respond to crying. This way the child learns that the parents are there when they need them. 

Since the baby is not yet able to verbalize itself properly, mom and dad should watch his body signals closely and determine their actions from them.

The relationship can also be intensified by swinging gently on the arm since the baby gets to know the parents better through physical contact.

Baby language: Learn to understand the baby

Baby language: Learn to understand the baby

The bonding phase is also important for parents. It helps to take on the (new) role of parent and gives confidence in one’s own abilities as a mother or father. 

Successful bonding can also help in upbringing because with a good bond with the child they understand it better and can put themselves in it better.

Bonding can be rescheduled

Bonding can be rescheduled

The first minutes and hours after the birth are important for the bonding, but not decisive for everything. 

If the first time with the baby cannot be enjoyed completely undisturbed due to premature birth and/or medically necessary follow-up treatments, then bonding can also be made up for. 

The cuddling hours together should then be all the more intense, even extended to whole bonding days, in which nothing else matters than that you and your baby can get to know each other after the efforts.

Ways for a new dad to bond with baby

ways for a new dad to bond with baby

Tips for connecting the inner bond between father and baby.

Being a new father for the first time could be something fun and surprising for men. 

People will likely focus more on the relationship between mother and newborn. However, the relationship between father and baby is no less important. 

The relationship between father and baby can be encouraged before the baby is born.

Before the baby is born, the father-to-be can begin to bond by singing songs or reading books while the baby is still in the womb.

This helps the baby learn the father’s voice.

Accompanying the mother to the doctor can also help build relationships with the fetus.

Pregnant women must also feel supported by their husbands, which has a positive effect on the development of maternal health.

Track any maternal pregnancy development. After the baby is born, it is not too difficult to connect the father to the baby.

5 simple ways for dad to bond with baby

5 simple ways for dad to bond with baby

1- Accompanying the mother during birth is a good start to create a bond between father and baby.

Fathers who spend a lot of time with babies in the first few months after birth can build a good father-baby relationship until the baby grows up.

It goes without saying that you make mistakes. If you try several times, you will surely be able to do it well over time.

2- Accompany him/her to sleep

Putting the baby to sleep and accompanying him to sleep is also a way to connect with the baby.

Dad can let the baby fall asleep while singing a song or reading a story to the baby.

It also helps to familiarize the baby with his father’s voice so that each time the baby hears the father’s voice and the baby understands that he is with his father and feels comfortable.

3- By touch

Touch the baby whenever you can in the first few weeks after birth and look him in the eye. The power of touch can create the closeness between father and baby. 

Touch between the father’s and baby’s skin is also required, not just touch between the mother’s and baby’s skin. 

You can hold the baby and put him on your chest so that it feels comfortable for the baby. 

Babies can hear their father’s heartbeat and it helps the baby maintain his or her body temperature.

Spending a lot of time with a baby is the best way to create a bond between father and baby.

4- Bathing, putting on and changing diapers

Fathers can also help mothers bathe, put on, and replace baby diapers. It also helps create a bond between father and baby. 

The more often a father takes care of the baby, the easier it is for the father to connect with the baby. 

5- Playing together

Playing with babies is fun. Fathers can make funny faces, show funny behaviors, play airplanes, play peekaboo, etc. that make babies smile and laugh.

Dad could be the first person to make a baby smile. Seeing a baby smile is a joy for dad. Fathers can delight the baby’s eyes.

And this is very helpful in establishing the relationship between father and baby.

When the baby returns home, the father may be back in the daily routine.

Dad will work and go home at night. Don’t worry, dad will still be able to connect to the baby. Father can play with the baby after work.

The father can accompany the baby to sleep all night and take care of him/her. Being near and touching the baby makes the baby sleep comfortably.

Spending time between father and baby can be an emotional investment for the future to build a relationship between father and baby.

Final Thoughts on How to Bond With Baby

How to Bond With Baby

Bonding is the beginning of the parent-child relationship.

Ideally, bonding works like an “emotional super glue” that unites parents and children together for life.

This inner bond between parent and child is the most important and strongest that a person enters into in the course of his life. 

It secures his life for the newborn and ensures that it builds basic trust.

This bond gives the parents so much strength that they are able to sacrifice everything for their baby – from sleep to their own physical integrity in emergency situations.

The closeness, mom or dad’s heartbeat, and the smell of baby skin can trigger something that stays.

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How to Bond With Your Baby

How to Bond With Your Baby (New Parents Guide)

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