How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized

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It is very important that children learn to be organized because the organization is essential for the proper development of their independence. Here’s how to teach your kids to be organized.

If an organization is important in the life of adults, it is even more important in the life of a child, since it is essential for its correct development. For its organization and for assimilating the world it is beginning to discover. 

How can we teach children to be organized?

It is clear that a child, by itself, is not organized but on the contrary, because they take everything out. 

And sometimes, parents, it costs us a lot to return to keep what they have outside. Therefore, it is essential to establish an order from its first months.

Do you want to know why the organization is important in children and how to teach your kids to be organized? In this article, you will find the keys to achieve it.

Teaching children to be organized: temporary and spatial order

Order is important in a child’s life because it is key and necessary for their learning. It also offers security and allows them to organize their knowledge and understand it. 

For this, it is necessary that their world is organized in time and space.

Spatial order

When we speak of the spatial order we refer to the need for the child’s environment to be in balance. 

What does this mean? 

We are not necessarily referring to something aesthetic, but rather to something practical and functional. Things should be arranged in a simple way for the child’s interaction with his environment.

The fact that there is an order in the space where you are will give you autonomy, and knowing where things are will help your kids develop their independence.

To do this, we, as parents, will establish a place where your kids can put their things so that they can control, organize and store them autonomously.

If there is no spatial order in your environment, they will not learn to collect or be autonomous. If everything has its order, it will be easier for them to orient themselves and behave correctly.

Temporary order

This order is established by schedules and routines that we must establish from a young age. 

Creating a habit in terms of food, bath, sleep, etc., is very important for their development. Knowing what is going to happen at every moment gives them security. 

So, you have to teach them that there are a few hours to eat, play, sleep, go out …, and that they must be respected.

How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized

How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized

Here are some ideas that you can put into practice with your children to teach them how to be organized. Take note of all of them!

1- Provide a personal space

If she/he is the only child, there will be no problem, because his room will be his personal space. But if he shares it with a brother, you will have to show to the children which parts are reserved for each one, that is:

  • part of the closet,
  • the bed,
  • where to play and where to store their things. 

They must respect and care for each other’s belongings, in addition to their own.

2- Make a schedule with meals, bedtime, playtime, hygiene

As every day is not the same, and then during the weekend there are usually different schedules, in that respect be flexible. 

However, abrupt changes mustn’t be made, because, in this way, children become disoriented.

3- From a young age, get him involved in household chores

You can ask him to help in those tasks that you think he is capable of performing. 

For example:

  • giving you clothes when you have to hang them, or the clothespins,
  • help you make the bed (at first she will not know, but she will learn), put your shoes away, take the dirty clothes to their place

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4- Sort toys by categories

Inside your kid’s room, they can order the toys in the drawers depending on the type they are. This will make it easier for them when they go to look for a certain game, they will know where they have to go to look for it, just like with books.

5- Organizing their space so that everything is within their reach

Everything they use frequently is arranged on hangers at their height, drawers, etc. This way they will not have to ask for help every two times to get something they want or need, since they can do it themselves.

6- Do not stack toys to teach children to be tidy

Occasionally, save those toys that they no longer play with to make room for what they do use, so as not to have everything piled up.

7- Organize clothing so they can pick it up and store it by themselves

The most normal thing is that they cannot put all the clothes at their fingertips, but they can leave a part (on a shelf, a drawer, a hanger …) 

and, thus, have it at their height to be more independent when it comes to pick up and put on their pajamas or take off and put away their shoes.

8- Teach them that before moving on to another activity they have to pick up

It is essential that the child understands that he has to collect everything he has put in the middle to move on to another activity, whether it is having dinner, watching a movie, going out, etc.

The usefulness of teaching children to be orderly

You have already seen the importance of order in the lives of our little ones and how with a few simple tips we can teach children to be organized. So, do not hesitate to put it into practice, because you will see great benefits.

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How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized
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