Bottle Warmer Vs Microwave

Bottle Warmer Vs Microwave

Why use a bottle warmer rather than a microwave?

One of the most important rules for feeding your little one is to heat the milk. It goes without saying for the well-being of the latter. 

There are different ways to achieve your goals without running the slightest risk. 

Some people prefer to use microwaves, but it is not advisable

to follow this method. 

The most suitable equipment for heating babies’ milk is the bottle warmer. 

Why then use the bottle warmer rather than the expense of microwaves? 

Let’s take a look.

The impact of microwave

The use of a microwave is indeed quick and effective for anyone in a hurry. 

With only a few seconds, the infant will be able to taste his milk. However, it is a practice that is a bit risky for the little one. 

As can be seen, microwaves have a very rapid heating action. This requires very careful attention to the risk of heating the milk to a too high temperature.

In addition, the use of microwaves would be at the basis of the disappearance of the vitamins initially present in milk. It will therefore no longer be rich in probiotics. 

Worse, the quality of the proteins present in the nutrient will also decrease. 

Ultimately, the child will only take a drink that is very low in vitamin, and if premature, it could be fatal.

Normally, it is recommended to test the temperature of milk before feeding it to the infant. However, with the use of microwaves, there is a real difference in heat. 

Under these conditions, it is not easy to effectively test the temperature of the milk. Consequently, the child runs the risk of having burns if, accidentally, the heating is not done at the ideal temperature.

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How Important Is a Bottle Warmer?

The bottle warmer, the ideal equipment for heating milk safely

As explained above, the use of microwaves does not allow milk to be heated to an ideal temperature. 

The most suitable equipment for this purpose is the bottle warmer.

Unlike microwave ovens, the bottle warmer allows the milk to be put under suitable pressure. 

It generally works with electric current and has much more secure heating. To use it, simply set it to the ideal temperature and then plug it in.

With only a few minutes of waiting, the baby will be able to fill with very rich milk. 

Whether it is vitamins, proteins, or even probiotics, this equipment has the main advantage of keeping them efficiently. 

No need to worry about the ability of the drink. Also, the bottle warmer is not as large as the microwaves. 

It is portable and therefore offers the possibility of moving it at any time. 

Now you know why it is better to heat your baby’s milk using a bottle warmer rather than a microwave.

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