12 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child Today

12 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child

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Being a parent is not easy. Nobody gives us an instruction book to follow to the letter. In fact, each child is a world and we have to raise and educate him from affection, love, and honesty. 

For this it is not necessary that we are perfect, simply understanding and protective, among other attitudes.

But also, if you are able to listen to the little ones, there are endless life lessons you can learn from your child.

Here are 12 valuable life lessons you can learn from your child today.

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12 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child Today

12 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child

1- Endless optimism

One of the life lessons to learn from your children is their optimism. Our little ones seem to find no limit to discouragement. 

Maybe a toy is broken and for a while, they cry and get frustrated. But they will have no problem a few minutes later to play again with this damaged item, with anything else or even with a stick if necessary.

As mothers, we have a lot to learn from children’s optimism. We must be firm in the face of discouragement and never fall into states of constant bitterness and sadness. 

We must return to life a smile, that for something we have something wonderful in the world, our children.

2- Enjoy and live the moment

Children can enjoy the smallest things. Looking for shells on the beach, collecting acorns and chestnuts in the forest or outside sidewalk crayons. 

They discover new things every day, have fun and don’t find something boring, because they don’t do things on autopilot yet. Moreover, they are naturally mindful. 

When you’re building towers with your child, you might be thinking about that pile of laundry or those few groceries you need to get. 

Doesn’t bother your child, he really enjoys the moment. Take an example of that.

Children are neither hopeful for a better future nor embittered by a horrible past. This comes with age. But before, each little one lives the moment with total intensity. For them, especially at 2 or 3 years of age, there is only that current moment. 

Sometimes we become too obsessed with the future, the future, or what happened years ago that does not leave us a second of respite. But there is only one certain thing, which is the here and now. 

And tomorrow will only be bright and certain if we are able to act well in the present and mend the past.

3- Play

Play endlessly with a train, assemble a Lego car or pull out all the booklets for minutes and browse them. Children love nothing more than playing. 

They are then completely in their own world and do not hear anything around them anymore. 

And make playing just as relaxing as you are no longer a child. Think, for example, of playing tennis, gaming, or an old-fashioned game.

4- Take it easy

If you get up early in the morning to make a raging loaf of bread to get your child to the nursery in time, he will be able to produce a full diaper just when you want to go out the door. 

Well, the term ‘time’ doesn’t mean anything to young children. And then life is so relaxed. 

Of course, you cannot avoid taking time into account when you work or have to take your child away. But if it is not necessary to arrive somewhere on time on your day off or the weekends, take it easy.

5- Be curious

A baby puts everything in his mouth to discover the world, a toddler wants to touch everything and toddlers ask the funniest and sometimes most brutal questions. 

They do this because they are curious and want to know and learn everything. Unfortunately, many adults have lost that curiosity. 

For example, we don’t want to appear impolite by asking for something or we are afraid of appearing stupid. Sin! You always learn something when you ask questions. So just do it.

6- Show your feelings

A toddler who does not get his way in the supermarket and lies down on the floor crying. Every parent will experience it sooner or later. 

Such a tantrum is annoying for you as a parent, but it is part of your toddler’s development. And you can also take an example. 

Not that you have to throw yourself to the ground if it doesn’t go the way you want, but showing your true feelings every once in a while doesn’t hurt. This can prevent misunderstandings and provide understanding and compassion.

7- Be honest

Is your girlfriend wearing anything that doesn’t hold her or do you think your mother-in-law’s homemade cake cannot be eaten? 

You probably don’t say anything because you don’t want to hurt anyone. You may even try to say something positive about being liked. 

Young children do not yet have such tactical insight and therefore say exactly what they think. It is not without reason that the proverb says: ‘children and drunks speak the truth’. 

Now of course you don’t have to honestly blurt out everything you think, but sometimes adults should also be more honest with each other.

8- Do what you say and say what you do

Children assume that if someone says something, he will do it. So if you have promised to go to the playground when he’s finished eating, go to the playground. Too bad when it rains. 

If you keep your promises, your child will know what he has on you and that makes you feel safe. Children are also very clear in their emotions. If your child is angry, he is angry. 

If he is sad, he is sad. There is no hidden agenda and he expresses what he feels. You can also learn something from that.

9- Go crazy

Sometimes not doing things according to the rules makes life a lot more fun. Children do this naturally. They adapt the rules of the game just like playing a game because they like it differently. 

And your child will also appreciate it if you sometimes do things differently. How about a picnic on the floor instead of eating at the table? 

Or once sleeping together in a tent in the garden. Your child will never forget those moments. And you neither.

10- Imagination without limits

Today, as we grow, we increasingly lose our ability to imagine. Dreams are diluted and the very rhythm of life imposes an excessive realism on us. 

However, our little ones enjoy their worlds full of possibilities where nothing is impossible and everything can happen.

Do you know something? That today, imaginative people are highly valued in leading companies. Why? 

Because they are more creative, they find more original solutions to classic problems and offer all kinds of growth alternatives. So don’t think that dreaming is bad, rather the opposite.

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11- Smile is free

Have you noticed the number of times your little one smiles or laughs at the end of the day? Out of curiosity, you can count them some time and compare them with the number of times you do it. 

What do you think about leveling the tables a bit and enjoying a little more?

It is true that our little one does not have as many responsibilities as we do. But do you think you can give him a good life if you are not happy? 

They soak up everything we are, how we act and how we behave. We are his mirror, so let’s offer him a beautiful and pretty reflection.

12- Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness

Another wonderful life lessons that you can learn from your child is their ability to ask for forgiveness, and also to forgive. Don’t you think the world would be much more beautiful if we were the same? 

Some say that much of the world’s conflicts have to do with tone and misunderstanding, rather than with the content itself. 

Perhaps many discussions and disagreements would have an easy solution with a pardon in time. We do not know if it will be true, but for sure we do not lose anything.

Do you still believe that there are no life lessons to learn from your children? 

Our little ones, in their innocence and happiness, are great teachers for adults. So let’s not think we are so important and know-it-all and enjoy the children’s world, because there is much to look at. Surely in this way, we will make a better planet to live in.

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12 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child Today

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