Mommy Daughter's Day Ideas

57 Super Fun Mommy Daughter’s Day Ideas

Do you ever have a mommy-daughter date?

Are you looking for mommy daughter day ideas? I’ve got you covered! Try our super fun mommy daughter day ideas that will make your mother-daughter relationship unbreakable.

The bond between mother and daughter is always special. A mini version of yourself that looks up to you.

Do you ever have a mommy-daughter date? Who knows, maybe this will make your bond even stronger.

Now and then it is very important to focus all attention on one child. Not having to divide attention between all brothers and sisters.

One on one contact to strengthen your special bond. Your daughter will feel very special!

We have collected some nice tips for you. Some cost nothing, others are a bit more expensive, but they are all great fun to do with your daughter.

It is great fun to describe every date with your girl in a nice notebook, describe what you did and when, what you talked about, etc. 

If your daughter is older, she can write a piece about how nice it was. Attach a photo of your trip and possibly the entrance tickets etc.

Make it a colorful combination. When your daughter is an adult and will fly out, you have a wonderful memory of all your dates.


57 Super Fun Mommy Daughter Day Ideas

Mommy Daughter's Day Ideas

1-Sleep in together

Sleep in mommy daughter's day ideas

What’s better than not waking up to the alarm clock and not having to stress because you have to get to school on time?

Simply roll over and sleep a little more. Comfortable together in the big bed. With or without a movie so you can sleep well on this day.

2-Breakfast together

breakfast together

You can have breakfast in many different ways.

Don’t feel like leaving the house? For example, buy a tin with croissants to make yourself. Of course with a chocolate sprinkles (or pasta) filling.

Add a glass of gravy and a boiled or fried egg and some fresh fruit. Then enjoy breakfast in bed in bathrobes. After all, a good start to the day is half the battle!

3- Shopping


Your daughter can still use something; new shoes, a summer outfit or winter coat, a dress or a pair of socks.

Think of what it takes and then go hunting and figure something out together. Or determine a budget in advance for which shopping is allowed. 

They love it when they are allowed to choose something themselves and that has the advantage that they will also make it less difficult to put on at home. 

After all, they chose it themselves in the store. As they get older, they will increasingly have a taste of their own. So then it is nice if they can also choose their clothes. 

No clothing hoppers? Of course, you can always choose the toy store as an alternative. Maybe they still have a gift voucher from their birthday that can then be redeemed.

4- Watch a movie together

Watching a movie

Again, you can choose between going to the cinema together or just relaxing on the couch at home.

Looking for a comfortable place next to each other, a pillow behind you, a blanket over you, some goodies to eat and drink and enjoy!

5- Bake cookies or cake mommy daughter day

Bake cookies or cake mommy daughter's day

You can make the dough yourself, or get a ready-made dough or mix where you only have to pour water.

The big advantage of this is that you are ready faster and have less clutter. The advantage of being ready faster is that you can also taste the result faster.

6- Have lunch together

have lunch together

In addition to breakfast, lunch must of course also be served. There are probably enough restaurants that you have never been to.

And if you spend one-on-one time with your child, there is soon much more possible where you would otherwise not go so quickly. 

Who knows, do you discover a nice place yourself? For example, check out Instagram for places where they have ‘special’ things. Like a chocolate fondue or a freak shake.

7- Crafts mommy daughter day

Crafts mommy daughter's day

Most girls love tinkering. From making a drawing to clay or playing with free materials. In addition to this free tinkering, there are also many DIY packages.

If you are in town together (or make sure you have this at home in advance), choose a nice DIY package. 

For example to decorate a bag, to make clothes or for example a mosaic. Empty the table and then get creative together. Do you immediately have a beautiful memory of this day?

Do you want to do something original or learn something new; then look for a workshop. For example, baking pots or drawing a portrait?

8- Mini disco

If no one else is there, you can also just go crazy. For example, your daughter had figured out that with the Grimm’s rainbow she could deposit a dance floor on the floor by placing them in a circle, playing music (or other songs of your choice), and then swinging together.

9- Special tea

Delicious a kind of cocktail hour with all tasty snacks. But then with a pot of tea (or a jug of lemonade). Having a nice meal together and chatting in the meantime. 

Do you also know what is going on in the other person’s life? You can do this both outdoors and at home. With the cake you baked yourself and some other snacks and pastries.

10- Mommy daughter day photoshoot

Mommy daughter's day photoshoot

Most girls love being a model. How nice is it to do a photoshoot? Just at home, in front of an empty white wall. Collect all kinds of nice accessories and match them.

Somewhere in a photo booth or photo booth together on the photos or make an appointment with a photographer for a whole mother-daughter session. Afterward, you can use those photos to frame and give a nice spot on the wall!

11- Weekend/night away

Weekend night away

It is very special to go away for the night. Book a hotel that slightly different than usual. Think for example of a castle, or sleeping on an airplane. Or a city trip a little further. 

12- Paint each other’s nails

Paint each other's nails

If your daughter is fascinated with nail polishing Extensive painting of the nails is therefore always a success. She will like it even more when she can also paint Mum’s nails 😉 

13- Have a spa night at home

Have a spa night at home

Besides nail polish, it is also wonderful to lie on with a mask. Or how about a lovely bath with lots of foam and bath confetti, pick out a scent.


What can a mom and daughter do together?

Find more ideas below on what you can do with your daughter and have fun together for your mommy-daughter day!

14. Take a walk or bike ride

15. Take a day trip to the beach or a nature reserve

16. Have a picnic together in the park

17. Sit comfortably on the couch with a blanket and watch Netflix with popcorn

18. Do a DIY project

19. Find fresh products from a farmer and make something tasty together

20. Start a mother-daughter diary

21. Go to a children’s museum

22. Take a yoga class

23. Have lunch or breakfast somewhere together

24. See if there is a fun event in your area and go there together

25. Go to a real girl movie in the cinema

26. Have her pick something at her favorite store

27. Rent a pedal boat or canoe

28. Braid each other’s hair

29. Make ice creams

30. Check out a discount site and book something you’ve never done before

31. Go to a spa together

32. Let her try on your clothes and jewelry

33. Teach her something you always do, for example, file your nails or style your hair

34. Go to an ice cream parlor together and order a huge coupe with two spoons, enjoy!

35. Go to a dance performance together

36. Have a cake together somewhere

37. Teach her to read

38. Pick flowers and make a bouquet

40. Make a surprise dinner together for the rest of the family

41. Go to the playground in the park and get together on any game out there.

42. Have your nails beautifully painted at a real nail studio.

43. Roller skating together with of course a competition.

44. Go to a shoe store and have your daughter try on and show off your beautiful heels.

45. A great tea in a real tea house.

46. Attend a creative workshop.

47. Beauty moment in your own bathroom, complete with scrub and masks.

48. Go into town and try on clothes.

49. Go to a real ballet performance, very impressive for little girls.

50. Marathon games; let your daughter collect all the favorite games and play them all!

51. Picnic with the two of you.

52. Watching stars; dress warmly, bring blankets outside and lie on a lounger looking at stars.

53. Go to the library and read books all afternoon.

54. Let your daughter make herself beautiful and play for paparazzi yourself, it will allow many nice snapshots.

55. Go out for dinner with your daughter, and we don’t mean the Mc. Donalds but to a “real” restaurant.

56. Go to the hairdresser and get your hair up nicely.

57. Make a puzzle together

Do not forget; it doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you do it together and it’s something you both enjoy. So try to leave that phone in your pocket as much as possible. 

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57 Super Fun Mommy Daughter Day Ideas

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