Many games can be played with just a pencil and paper. Here we describe 3 sets of paper and pencil games for kids and activities at home.

3 Sets of Paper and Pencil Games for Kids Activities at Home

Fun Paper and Pencil Games for Kids

Many games can be played with just a pencil and paper. Here we describe 3 sets of paper and pencil games for kids to play at home.

Currently, most children have lots of games and toys in their homes to spend time with. 

However, many times, they get tired of them.

And it is difficult to entertain them in any other way than through new technologies.

In this sense, it seems that we have forgotten the usefulness of a pencil and paper.

Since with these two simple objects one can have fun for hours. 


 3 Sets of Paper and Pencil Games for Kids Activities at Home

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In this post, we propose some games with a pencil and paper to spend a fun time with the family without leaving home.

It should be noted that the games that we recommend below are not only perfect to combat boredom but also serve to develop certain skills and abilities.

3 Sets of Paper and Pencil Games for Kids to Play at Home

1. Timbiriche

To start playing Timbiriche, you have to draw on the paper a matrix of points, which will act as a board.

Although you can also simply use a squared sheet. 

Thus, the players (from 2 to 4 people), in turn, must connect two consecutive points drawing a horizontal

Or vertical line (not diagonal), trying to form small squares.

Once one of the players manages to close a square, he must write his initial, indicating that that square belongs to him. 

When no more squares can be made, the game is over.

It is, then, when a general count is made, and the player who has managed to conquer more squares wins. 

This game promotes attention, concentration, and mental alertness.

2. Tutti Frutti or Stop, one of the best games with pencil and paper

In this game it is necessary for each of the participants to draw a horizontal table on a sheet of paper. 

At the top of this table, they must write the various categories previously selected,

for example: proper names, countries, colors, animals and objects.

Next, a letter of the alphabet is chosen at random . 

The objective of the game is to complete, in the shortest time possible,

Each category with a word that begins with the letter in question. 

The player who manages to cover all the squares must shout “Tutti Frutti” or “Stop” .

When this happens, all the other participants should drop the pencil and the scores will begin to be established:

  • 10 points for words written in a category and not written by another player.
  • 5 points for the words repeated by several players.
  • 0 points when the category is not completed or a wrong word is entered.

This same procedure is repeated with different letters of the alphabet until all the rows of the table are completed. 

Once the game is over, whoever gets the most points in the final count wins. 

This game allows you to work on graphomotor skills, memory, attention, and mental alertness.

3. The Hanged Man

This classic and simple game consists of guessing a word, phrase or sentence from different letters that are said in turns. 

But you have to be careful! Well, to achieve this goal, you have a limited number of attempts.

To start playing, one of the participants has to trace on a sheet of paper a row of hyphens,

Including as many hyphens as the number of letters the word, phrase, or sentence has. 

Also, next to him, you must draw a gallows. 

Then, one by one,  the rest of the players have to say letters of the alphabet to try to discover what is written behind those scripts. 

So that:

– If a letter is said that belongs to the word, phrase, or sentence, it is written in its proper position.

– If a letter is said that is not part of the word, phrase, or sentence, a part of a doll is drawn just below the gallows that had been previously drawn.

One of the players has to guess the written word, phrase, or sentence before the complete doll is drawn, with its arms, legs, head, etc. 

This game is used to develop writing, attention, fine motor skills, communication, and language.

Did you like any of these papers and pencil games?

What are you waiting for?

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start playing with the whole family without leaving home!

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 3 Sets of Paper and Pencil Games for Kids Activities at Home
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