6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

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Childhood is one of the most important moments in the life of a person. We are responsible for our children and we must not allow them to become insecure adults. Here you’ll discover the 6 simple secrets of raising a happy child.

“If we want our kids to have happy, productive, moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less.” ~ Peter Gray

Making a child happy seems like an easy task. The media bombards us with advertisements for toys and video games that supposedly save us from that work. 

They keep the little ones busy, absorbed in themselves. They make them evade reality and make us believe that raising a happy child is that simple.

Unfortunately, they are wrong. The idea that gifts fill emotional deficiencies is wrong. 

It is great for children to play and have fun, but their life cannot be based on that. And neither does ours.


6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

There are a series of rules that, as parents, we must keep in mind. 

We are responsible for our children and we must not allow them to become insecure adults. 

We encourage our behavior that they do not learn to fall and, therefore, to get up.

Childhood is one of the most important moments in the life of a person. 

Memories and lessons are forged in it that will help them face tomorrow. 

Depriving them of this is an irresponsible and selfish act, as well as being detrimental to our relationship with them.

Raising a happy child is about being present.

What children in the world want most is the attention of their parents. 

Toys and quirks are always in the background when it comes to getting parental approval. 

They see us as their example to follow, their protectors, and that is why we must return that trust.


1. Motivate him to bring out the best in himself

6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

We all have the ability to get what we want. Luck comes with effort and determination, it does not fall from heaven for its own sake. 

When you want to achieve something, encourage him to do it. 

Teach him that with hard work and self-confidence the probability of achieving his dreams increases.

If he is good at some art or discipline, motivate him not to abandon it. 

Each human being stands out in something different, and many times promoting those skills opens many doors. 

Also do not forget that it is essential that the child wants to do it, because if he does it, we will be collaborating to make him unhappy.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. – John F. Kennedy

2. Support him in his decisions

6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

Your child will make good and bad decisions in life. Rejoice with him in good times and suffer with him in bad. 

Making mistakes is the most useful way to learn. Every time he falls, show him that nothing is wrong and that next time he will do better.

Some parents put on a real drama when their children make a mistake. 

Wanting children to be perfect does their self-esteem a disservice. 

We are all human and we have the right to make a clean slate and a new account.

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. – Lady Bird Johnson

3. Listen to their opinions

6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child

Many parents believe that their children’s opinions are invalid just because they are children. Gross mistake. 

A child has the same ability as an adult to assert and respect his ideas. 

According to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child it is a fundamental and inalienable right.

Minors must be listened to, especially concerning those parental decisions that affect them. 

Although in the end, you end up doing what is most suitable for them, you need to know that they have a lot to say.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood. –Tom Robbins

4. Teach him to be in contact with nature


Nowadays, most children prefer to stay at home with a computer or mobile rather than go outside. 

It encourages you to be in contact with nature voluntarily. 

Show him nice places to go picnicking, encourage him to join an outdoor sport, or go for a walk with him.

Fresh air will be beneficial to him, as well as allowing him to meet new friends in parks or sports teams. 

A child who loves nature is a child who will respect everything around him.

Children see magic because they look for it. – Christopher Moore

5. Be tough on him when you should be


It is not correct to give in to all the whims of your child. Many parents believe that this will get the child’s favors, but they could not be more wrong. 

Raising a happy child is not raising a whimsical child.

If he is rude and mean, we must scold or punish him. 

There will be times when kids disobey us or misbehave with us or other people. 

That kind of behavior is intolerable, and you should know that your actions are retaliated against.

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. – Denis Waitley

6. Be sincere and honest


Sincerity and honesty are the foundation of a healthy relationship to raise a happy child. 

Answer your child’s questions politely and objectively, as long as you think he is the right age. 

Each family is a world, so the decision varies according to the parents.

If we show ourselves as we are with our son, without lies in between, we will strengthen the relationship. 

You will know that they can trust us and they will not hesitate to ask us for advice when they need it.

Children are natural zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment. – John Bradshaw


6 Secrets of Raising a Happy Child



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