Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

This is a complete guide on self-care at home tips and ideas for moms. Learn how to make time for yourself in your already busy life as a mom.

Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms


How do you take care of yourself as a mom?

How do you practice self-care at home?

When we are parents, our children often become the number one priority.

We are running out of time so we forget to take care of ourselves, whether physically or mentally. However, taking care of yourself is neither a selfish act nor a luxury.

Have you ever fallen in love with your children, for no real reason?

Or feel the impatience and anger gaining you without really understanding why? Or do you often feel tired, empty?

Yes, it is essential to take care of yourself when you want to be present for our children.

But how do you find the time to take care of yourself in our already busy daily life?

Discover our self-care at home tips and ideas for moms below for finding the time to take care of yourself every day.

In these days of staying at home with kids, we must not abandon ourselves to luck.

We must take care of ourselves more than ever to fight every one against the pandemic and we must not let our guard down.

To help you in this endeavor, we have selected a list of self-care at home tips and ideas to pamper your body and your mind, facing many challenges of motherhood.

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Do you know what personal self-care is and how to practice it?

We will be talking about this topic today. 

In the world we are living in, where stress is a faithful companion of our days, having a self-care routine is important.

Sometimes obligations both at work and at home do not allow us to take time for ourselves. This accumulation of stress can be counterproductive because it affects health.

It is proven that stress is one of the main factors of heart disease, strokes, among other things.

Hence, it is important to take a break from time to time and spend time with ourselves.

For some people, disconnecting from everything around them is an impossible task especially in the life of a mom and having kids around.

But, everything depends on ourselves and how we organize ourselves.

Sometimes the same mind makes us think that we cannot, it limits us.

Similarly, we have the perception that if we are not aware of every detail or the care of our loved ones, the world collapses and everything becomes chaos.

This is totally false.

The world will run its course with you or without you.

As hard as it is to recognize it, we must accept that nobody is essential.

For a few hours that you get away from your daily routine and dedicate yourself solely to you, the world will not end.

That’s for sure. What’s more, I can assure you that your family will even thank you.

Since you will be much more relaxed and your mood will be different.

Before diving fully into this topic, I want you to be clear about what self-care is.

This way you will have a much clearer idea of its importance for our health. Whether on a physical, mental, and emotional level.


Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

Self-care as the name suggests, is nothing but care done by you and exclusively for you.

It’s those little things we do to pamper ourselves.

One of the main aspects of self-care is recognizing our physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Once identified, take the necessary steps to cover them.

This is achieved by taking free time for yourself and dedicating it to doing activities that you like or nurture.

Surely, you’ve heard of self-esteem and self-love. Well, self-care is linked to both.

It is said that if we do not love ourselves, we cannot give love to others. The same goes for self-care.

If we are not able to take care of ourselves first, we can do very little for others.

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Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

This is one of the most common questions that exist on this topic. If you ask an expert, the answer will be the same.

Self-care is not only important, but it is also crucial. As I said earlier, we are used to filling ourselves with obligations that often end up consuming us.

Moms are twice affected, especially if we work.

It is very common to see moms who work from Monday to Friday and then the weekend is not enough time because they have to fulfill obligations at home.

They end up tying one week with another. This is fatal to health.

Self-care is important to your physical, mental, and emotional health.

It can even improve your relationship. People who practice self-care tend to be much more productive and efficient.

Not to mention that it helps promote positive thoughts and cultivate a relationship with yourself.

This noticeably improves self-esteem and confidence in you.

But how do we carry out a self-care routine?

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Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

There are several ways of personal self-care.

Three of them and the most important are physical, mental, and emotional self-care.

Physical care as the name says includes doing activities related to the body.

In other words, do some type of exercise, although it is not limited to just that.

Likewise, you must take care of your skin while you are just staying at home.

Since attending a spa for a full service is not an ideal option in this time of pandemic crisis.

On the other hand, mental care is based on doing activities that enrich your intellect or that help you develop some skills.

It also includes practicing any activity that helps you disconnect your mind.

Finally, emotional self-care includes activities that help you connect in some way, either with yourself or with others.

You can either practice yoga or meditation at home.

Carrying out personal self-care is very easy.

First, choose a day of the week and dedicate it exclusively to yourself.

It does not have to be the whole day, it is enough with 5 or 6 hours.

In my case, I prefer Sundays, because it helps me relax and start the week with the batteries charged.

I’ve even named it a home spa Sunday.

That day of each week I dedicate myself to take care of myself in its total.

First, I do a home spa that includes facial and general skincare. Then I read a good book or just watch my favorite series.

Later in the night, I get to watch shows that we both like with my husband.

The next day I wake up like new and ready for another week of work.

These are some of the things I do every Sunday to disconnect from the routine and pamper myself.

But there are many more. If you have no ideas of what you can do, here are 15 self-care at home tips and ideas for moms.

1. Pay attention to our own needs

Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

Systematically giving priority to the needs and desires of our children creates in our fatigue, nervousness, and frustration.

Sometimes we can even be won over time by naughty visitors: anxiety, insomnia, or generalized anxiety.

We think, wrongly, that our children deserve this sacrifice and that on this condition alone, they can be happy.

So that forgetting ourselves at the expense of our children will not help them to thrive.

It is the opposite: it will be difficult for them to know and respect healthy limits in the future.

Everything is a question of balance.

If we do not show our children that we know how to take care of ourselves and respect our basic needs,

(physiological or psychological protection, security, esteem, belonging, achievement), we are not teaching them how to respect themselves.

Self-esteem, making yourself a priority, is not a selfish act. It is a fundamental aspect of our parent-child relationship, as it should be for any human relationship.

2. Exit autopilot mode and set your priorities

Most of the time, we are in autopilot mode and we don’t take the time to refocus on our life priorities. It is however non-negotiable.

If we link together the “well-being” activities, without taking the time to see if they meet a deep need, they will just keep us busy as much as exhausting us.

Taking a break to step back and ask questions allows us to understand what are our priorities and our “vital” needs.

Each person has their own unique needs. If you can identify them, you will be able to understand yourself better and naturally develop your zest for life.

To better understand them, we can ask ourselves questions like:

– How can I refocus on myself?

– What are my personal priorities?

– What are our priorities, as a family?

– What are my goals as a parent?

– Do I have dreams or a project that I strongly wish to accomplish?

– What are my needs to be physically well? Psychically? More
sport? Eat healthier?

– How many hours of sleep do I need?

– What do I really need to be happy?

Taking care of yourself can be a simple process of becoming aware of our expectations and the means to find to implement them.

The key: self-confidence, relaxation, joy in aligning with our wishes and deep values.

3. Make daily choices based on a long-term parenting goal

The more we know about our long-term parenting goals, the clearer our priorities become as parents.

It helps us to refocus our energy on what is really essential in our relationship with our children.

We choose our priorities and we don’t waste any more time on the details that took our head before.

Certain educational choices that we make to save time in the short term cause painful and lasting conflicts with our children over time.

Often, we waste an enormous amount of time and energy in verifying that children obey the rules in place.

In these power struggles, nobody finds their account: each ruminates on his anger on his side.

The parent tries to find THE right punishment for the child to listen, FINALLY.

While taking a moment with the child to discuss problems and solutions, in a collaborative way, another dynamic is created.

The child can express himself, share his opinion and find, with his parent, an effective alternative to punishment.

A solution that will suit everyone.

Useless and energy-consuming tensions gradually fade away to make way for a more balanced, more confident parent-child relationship.

Knowing your long-term parenting goals lets you know when you’re on the right track.

Then the small mistakes and slippages of everyday life will seem less serious, less stressful.

You know that you are staying on course and that, overall, you are on your way to your goal! Yesss!

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4. Saying goodbye to guilt and to: “I must”

In life, we often feel obliged to do things, for our children, for the family, even for our own well-being.

But, in reality, we are obliged to nothing. Everything in life is the result of a choice or the result of a series of choices made in the past.

I had a hard time swallowing it the first time I heard it. I said to myself: “but if, sometimes we are obliged to do certain things !!!

But in reality, we are obliged to nothing and we make choices, at all times.

By making conscious choices, without feeling obliged, we can get rid of a lot of pressures and stress on a daily basis.

For this, it is important to have defined beforehand its priorities and objectives (secrets n ° 3 and 4).

Example 1: Mom 1

If, when she doesn’t pick up her children from daycare right after work, Is she feel guilty?

On the contrary, she decides to take 1 hour more, 2 x per week for:

relaxing after work, playing sports, going to a drawing class, advancing on her personal projects, etc.

Afterward, when she picks them up after school, she feels more in harmony with herself and more attentive to her children.

Example 2: Mom 2 – She MUST clean up?

She decides not to clean up today. Come on, she CAN still live 1 day in a messy house.

She is looking to see if there are any unnecessary expenses to be eliminated.

She sees that the $50 sweater bought the other day was not essential and that it could have paid, instead, for 3 hours of cleaning.

Or, that a meal at a family restaurant could have paid 4 hours of cleaning … etc.

Again, it’s a matter of choice and priority.

By making decisions conscientiously, we feel more in tune with our daily lives and our children.

We begin to see that we CAN build our life in our own way and in our image. And this freedom, it does a lot of good?

5. Make homemade weekends

Instead of planning a whole bunch of outside activities for the weekend when we can’t get enough of our week, we can decide to stay at home.

In addition, children (especially the little ones) love to do “like the grown-ups” and participate in household chores.

Wouldn’t it be wrong to deprive yourself of it?

Gardening, cutting vegetables, baking, washing, cleaning windows, watering the lawn.

There are a thousand intriguing and exciting things kids can do at home.

6. Understand the difference between our children’s needs and their wants – or habits

We know that children need physical contact, to be hugged and cuddled, but not necessarily permanently.

So, we can be tender and tactile with our child but in a way that is unique to us, that suits us.

It doesn’t have to be systematic and become an obligation, burdensome, and restrictive.

You don’t have to hug them when he asks. Likewise, you don’t have to wear it as a sling when you have super back pain.


Your little one absolutely wants to play with you and insists, while you are preparing dinner.

What need does it ultimately express? Surely that of spending time with you. Why not ask him to cook together?

7. Know your limits and learn to say NO

Say “no” calmly but firmly. Although there is not always a need to use this word.

The ideal would be to adopt an attitude of confident, serene affirmation.

By setting a clear and solid boundary, the child will become more cooperative over time.

And that means – fewer power relations, fewer conflicts, and stress.

When children are constantly asking for attention, they can be answered:

“You so want me to play with you, I know my darling. I hear from you. But then I want to take a break, have a tea, and prepare dinner. “

The important thing here is to mark the end of the sentence with a point, with a tone of voice going down.

Better to avoid ending up with a question like in: “I want to take a break (…) and prepare dinner, okay?”

My posture is simple:

I have such and such a thing to do and I also understand your desires, quite simply.

We can act with empathy, but there is no guilt.

We also do not have to feel threatened by the explosion of the emotion of our children in response to our decisions.

They will express themselves in their own way. They learn to deal with frustration and disappointment.

If our attitude is ambivalent, our child will feel lost, he will be tempted to test us, even if all this is unconscious at home.

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8. Learn to ask for help, learn not to be perfect

Yes, dear mothers…. We tend to take care of everything, but it’s important to let go! Learn to ask for help.

And without waiting for the moment when we want to explode everything and accuse our spouses and our children of doing nothing, eh!

Again, it’s knowing your limits and taking action before you really feel exhausted.

9. Disconnect your mobile to connect your mind

New technologies allow us to be connected with our environment, but many times they distance us from ourselves and suppose added stress in our everyday lives.

Do not be overwhelmed by not answering a message at the moment.

Inform your contacts and let them know that you have certain times of the day when you are available and at others, you are busy with yourself.

Perform a social media and technology detox.

Knows when it’s time to disconnect yourself from technology and social media.

When it’s time to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

10. Dedicate yourself to you in an ideal moment of each day

Find the ideal moment: find a time of day to dedicate it entirely to you and do an activity that you like.

Some mom finds it easier in the first moments of the day and even go so far as to raise their alarm clocks to have more time for themselves.

Others, however, prefer to spend time at the end of the day, when they have already completed all the tasks on their schedule.

Simply find a time of day that is for you and prioritize it, as well as other chores.

11. Find your exercise

Don’t force yourself to attend that online spinning or yoga class if you don’t feel like it, you can do some stretches through Instagram trainers or rescue your forgotten exercise bike.

Each person has their tastes and therefore you must find the exercise that best suits your needs.

Do not give priority to caloric expenditure, but to that which amuses you and becomes your long-term hobby, yes, even without leaving home.

This will strengthen your glutes during the pandemic quarantine.

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 12. Vitamin D helps

One of its key functions is to regulate the passage of calcium to the bones, which increases its absorption.

It has a fundamental role especially to strengthen the immune system and strengthen bones.

A good source of vitamin D is bluefish, including sardines, anchovies, salmon, tuna, and herring.

We love NatureWise Vitamin D3. It is a certified organic olive oil helps to support teeth and bone health, provide immune support, and promote healthy muscle function.

13. Combat emotional impact by managing your stress and fear

On the social stigma of the crazy pandemic virus that increasingly affects more people in the world, we must continue working.

Especially at the level of defense of the rights of people. Because stigma does not come only from society, but also from our own beliefs.

The less observable problem, but one that generates a great emotional impact on patients in the form of insecurities, fears, and uncertainties.

14. Empowers yourself with non-toxic options.

Taking care of yourself also means being committed to making natural solutions like essential oils.

And knows how to trust your feelings when it comes to what your body needs.

Educate yourself before making choices about your beauty products.

15. A daily meeting with yourself

Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms

Taking stock, complimenting yourself, practicing gratitude.

Have you ever tried to make a daily appointment with yourself, even if it is only 5 minutes?

During these few minutes, close your eyes, listen to your breathing, wide and deep, focus on what you live, right away, just be present to yourself.

You can also redo a point on the priorities and objectives that we mentioned in self-care at home tips and ideas for moms no. 2 and 3.

If you have a blues shot, I invite you to look here. There is also a good habit to take: that of complimenting yourself every day for our little or big successes!

A gratitude list in the evening, in which we write, for example, 3 things for which we are grateful, boosts morale and helps to put things into perspective :).

Take time for yourself (and do not feel guilty)

Voila, moms! Taking care of yourself can be done via a good bubble bath, a chocolate fondant, or a glass with the girlfriends on the terrace if that pleases you.

But above all, taking time for yourself is making daily decisions. And make an appointment with yourself, to refocus, even for a few minutes.

By using one of the 15 tips listed above, you will gradually see more clearly in your personal and parental priorities.

Taking care of yourself will become a habit, part of your daily routine.

You will see, taking time just for you will become easier and natural!

And remember, there is no perfect parent, but can we always learn from our mistakes? You do a great job, mom! Take care of yourself!

“Self-care is a life-changing habit that can bring your mom life into full bloom.” 

PS: Grab this super cute 17 page Self Care Planner. Set new goals, track your habits, face your motherhood challenges, and monitor your health as you transcend to becoming the best mom that you can be.


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Self Care at Home Tips and Ideas for Moms
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