Spa Day at Home for Kids

Spa Day at Home for Kids

Looking for new ideas that will entertain your kids and have fun as a family? Try our ideas for a spa day at home for kids.

Spa Day at Home for Kids


Tips for making a spa day at home for kids

Having a spa event at home can be a fun experience for kids and teens. 

You could do it for after a long week of school for the kids, for a spa themed birthday party or another special occasion. 

By choosing a variety of spa treatments, including facials, haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, you can host a family-friendly spa event at home.

Mimics spa facilities

If you are going to have a spa party at home you can imitate the facilities of a traditional spa at home. 

Some items you can include in your home spa are a set of scented candles, bouquets like white roses or water lilies, hand mirrors for girls, and cushions on the floor. 

Cover the tables with white tablecloths and decorate the room with neutral colors like white and beige.

Spa Day at Home for Kids


Before the home spa event begins, get the recipes and supplies you need, in case you make homemade spa products. 

Have at least one gown or smock for each kid and a headband to hold hair back during facials. 

Place plenty of cleaning cloths and hand towels at each spa station and also the supplies needed to do the treatments. 

If you are going to have a spa party, ask at least 2 or 3 adults to help you with treatments, activities, and cleaning.

Spa stations

Divide the home spa area into stations and make sure there is one person in each to provide the treatments. 

These stations may include hair, face care (facials, masks, and makeup), nails, and foot washing. 

Try not to have more than 4 seasons so that the spa experience at home is not noisy. Stores the elements needed for each treatment at each station. 

For example, a nail station might have manicure tools, such as a recipe and ingredients for hand washing, hand lotion, and nail polish.


Offer light snacks at your home spa event. 

Some good snacks for this occasion can be cold drinks with pieces of fruit, such as lemon, lime, or berries and to eat you can serve fresh fruit, crackers, and cheese or cucumber sandwiches.


If you are having a home spa birthday party or other special events, organize some spa activities in addition to the treatments. 

These may include gift-giving, birthday cake, or crafts. Children can make spa items, like a facial scrub or moisturizers. 

Ask them to make enough to wear during the event and to take home as a remembrance of the party. 

Some of the spa items they can easily make are scented bath salts, you just need to mix Epsom salts

with fragrance soap drops and soap coloring inside a Ziploc bag.


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Spa Day at Home for Kids
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