5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Want to teach your kids about their five senses? With these spring games and activities for kids, your children experience the new season with all their senses. 

5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids


Out of your senses: With these game ideas spring feelings arise

You can smell it, feel it, and see it. Spring is back! 

Nature awakens – and with it our senses. 

Let spring feelings arise: With these game ideas your children experience the new season with all their senses. 

Even during the lockdown – just observe all safety measures!

The first flowers sprout, shrubs bloom, the birds chirping in the trees and the sun has more power with each passing day. 

Spring is here and awakens nature from hibernation. Time to revitalize our senses too!

Spring offers countless opportunities to discover, research, experience – and play! 

With all your senses. 

Here we reveal the best game ideas to not only see and feel spring, but also to hear, smell, and taste. 

Have fun trying!

Experience spring with all your senses: five spring games and activities for kids

5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

👁️ Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Sense of Sight: View spring memory

This is how it works: 

The game master collects six to twelve natural objects in the immediate vicinity, which are often found at the game location. 

These can be stones, leaves, flowers, fruits, or bark. 

These are spread out on a cloth and covered with a second cloth.

The game master lifts off the cloth. 

The children are allowed to look at these things for 30 seconds. 

You are advised to keep as much as possible in mind what you see. Then you have five minutes to look for the same items in the vicinity. 

When the time is up, they are called back and gather around the cloth.

The leader now pulls out each item individually from under the cloth. 

Who found something similar? What is it? Who knows anything about it?

You can also play the game in other variants: 

In a team – two children search together. Or in mini format correct memory: 

Two copies of each item are hidden under opaque yogurt pots or the like. Then you play according to the memory rules.

👂 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Sense of Hearing: Listen! Extend antennas

Here’s how it works: 

Every child is a hearing aid. Yes, a recording device that has a memory for sounds in its head. 

The two ears are the antennas; the ten fingers on the hand the counter. 

The recording devices are put into operation: the children clench their hands into fists and thus set the counter to “zero”. Your mission: record sounds. 

The children close their eyes and spread a finger for each new sound. Anyone who has noticed ten different noises can open their eyes again, continue listening, and wait until all of their ten noises have collected.

What did you hear Talk about it? 

Every child names a striking, special sound that they heard. Which direction did it come from? What was it?

You can also play the game in other variants: 

Reduce the counter – the children only collect five sounds. Or: collect sounds and imitate them.

👋 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Sense of Touch: Keys tree encounter

How it works: 

A person blindfolds the partner and leads him to a tree that can be seen about 20 to 30 meters from the starting point. 

Blindfolded, the tree is “learned” and felt. Once the child has thoroughly researched the tree, it is returned to the starting point. 

Now the player has to find the tree without a blindfold. Can he do that? 

In the end, the children report on the peculiarities of “their tree” and how they recognized it.

You can also play the game in other variations: choose a different way back or fake obstacles.

👃 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Sense of Smell: olfactory memory

Here’s how it works: 

Finds from nature are placed in two film boxes or yogurt pots. Herbs, wild garlic leaves, but also flowers and grasses or soil are particularly suitable. 

Then the cups are closed and set up wildly. The cans with the same content must now be found by smelling them. 

A great game for everyone with a fine nose!

A tip from Game experts: Number the cans – then it is easier to dissolve the game.

5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

👄 Spring Games and Activities for Kids

Sense of Taste: Blind picnic

Here’s how: 

Prepare a picnic with various food items. In the best case you will even find fruits and vegetables that are in season. 

It is ideal if you cut each food into small pieces and store them with toothpicks in a small bowl. The bowls are then all in a row. 

The game master passes the bowls around one after the other. 

The children blindly eat the various foods and then write down on a piece of paper what they think they have eaten.

Did you guess everything correctly? Let yourself be surprised how much tastes different when you don’t see it.


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5 Spring Games and Activities for Kids
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