stimulation exercises for babies

Stimulation Exercises for Babies (2-12 Months)

Fun and Simple Stimulation Activities for Babies 

Every child has his learning time and we must recognize it, but we can help him develop certain skills. 

In this article, you’ll learn the different stimulation exercises for babies from 2 to 12 months. 

stimulation exercises for babies

Stimulation Exercises for Babies from 2 to 4 months

In the second month of life, the baby begins to perceive the occasional noise and begins to make his first sounds as “eh” “uh”, which parents are so excited about.

He can also keep his head up longer and it can be seen that he is much more alert and skillful every day, which excites us and makes us feel more proud of the progress that our children give.

Two-month baby stimulation

Two-month baby stimulation

To stimulate the two-month-old baby’s reflexes, you can use rattles or toys that develop his senses. 

Especially the ear, making them sound on one side or the other of his head so that he directs his gaze towards them. 

Relaxing massages, rocking, or dancing with the child in your arms will give you peace of mind and security. 

1. Strengthen the trunk. 

Place the baby face down on a large ball ( Pilates or an inflated beach ball) and swing him/her to the sides to strengthen the trunk.

2. Keep balance. 

Put a roller under your chest and hold your legs forward and back as if playing wheelbarrow. You can put a toy in front of him so you want to pick him up.

3. Strengthen the neck. 

Place the baby on a wedge upside down and while playing with a toy you will pass his hand behind his back since the stimuli in the back make them raise their heads. 

Take advantage of the toy you have to take it from side to side so that he is held with your hands on the wedge and you can lift your head more to follow the toy. 

You will try to take it with one hand while holding him with the other. Repeat the exercise with the other side of the body.

Other stimulation ideas for 2-month-old baby:

Stimulation Exercises for Babies (3-month-old)

Stimulation Exercises for Babies (3-month-old)

Your baby begins to react to the noise by widening their eyes or frowning and even stopping suckling.

The vision also progresses at this stage. The 3-month-old baby already sees the world in colors. Also, he will show affection with the person who holds him in his arms, something he loves.

1- Strengthen the baby’s back muscles

To strengthen the baby’s back muscles, you can lift him from both arms from the lying position. 

He has more and more coordination with his hands so you can give him a roll or a toy so he can move it and make it sound.

2- Bath stimulation exercises

The bath is a very stimulating moment for the baby, in addition to relaxing him, he will find fun splashing with his legs and checking that the water jumps when he does. 

Baby tends to put objects in his mouth, don’t remove, as long as they are safe and clean. It is his way of discovering the world.

3- Rolling exercises

Lay the baby on his back and raise the arm on which he is going to turn, after having practiced it several times with a toy you can stimulate him so that he is the only one who turns to take the toy.

Stimulation Exercises for Babies For 4-month-old

Stimulation Exercises for Babies For 4-month-old

From the fourth month of life, the baby begins to develop sociability. 

This means that from that very moment, the little one no longer wants to be alone. 

He/she is capable of making sounds, babbles, and some syllables like da or ma. He also laughs out loud.

Their language begins to develop with blowing, babbling, screaming, and laughing. 

Try to repeat in an attempt to imitate yourself. He uses different facial expressions to communicate and changes his expression when faced with a sound. 

It is time to stimulate him with new sounds, and show him objects and name them.

Four-month-old babies are more aware of what they hear and see around them. His ability to move and express himself is increasing by leaps and bounds every day

1. Strengthen the back. 

On a wedge, face-up, hold your hands, and help you sit up, allowing the baby to push up. Supports the head well when getting up.

So that your baby takes strength in the hands, you can give him a ring to catch him and move the ring to lift him (holding him by his little hands).

2. Learn to sit. 

This exercise consists of supporting the arm on which you are going to lean a little bent and helping him to sit with the elbow resting on the floor and turning him a little until he is seated. 

Stimulation Exercises for Babies For 6-month-old

Activities for Babies For 6-month-old

At this stage, the baby conquers some freedom movements. 

The little one can now turn his head with total ease looking for a person or an object, and his hands acquire more strength than in the previous stages.

1- Mirror games

Playing with him in front of the mirror so that he begins to recognize his image.

2- Play at giving and taking toys

Play at giving and taking toys, or watch him pass objects from one hand to the other.

Place a toy close to the baby and push him a little by pushing him on the buttocks so that he comes closer to pick them up.

Stimulation Exercises for Babies (7-month-old babies)

Activities for babies

In his/her seventh month of life, the baby sits in a more balanced way and shows determination when he wants a toy that is out of reach. He will try to reach it anyway. 

They look at drawings and illustrations in books or magazines. They will be interested in breaking thinner papers. 

At this stage, babies will fully enjoy social games such as looking in the mirror, playing saying their names, repeating what they say, etc. 

The baby will try to take everything he finds in his mouth: spoons, brushes, combs, books, etc. 

To stimulate a 7-month-old baby, it is necessary to respond to her crying and needs, with attention, patience, and affection. 

1. Stimulate crawling. 

Establish a cross pattern between two people (one in front and one behind) and do the crawling movement, always moving the arm and the opposite leg as if you were crawling.

Stimulation Exercises for Babies for over 7 months

At this stage, it is very important to baby proof the house. Baby house proofing in the corners of the furniture, since the baby will be restless, curious, without having any knowledge of the dangers. 

The baby has more control in his hands, legs, and is an ideal stage to stimulate his crawling, his fine motor skills, as well as his legs.

Baby loves to throw objects and even some food from his plate. For him, that will be a game. 

At this stage, the baby is already able to knead, pull, open, squeeze, etc. 

The object games that form towers are ideal for exercising their curiosity and skills.

1. Reinforce crawling. 

When they crawl, you can play with tunnels (if you don’t have a tunnel you can do it with chairs or sheets) to go inside and start putting barriers like toys or cushions.

Stimulation Exercises for Babies for over 9 months

activities for babies

With nine months a great advance in the development of the motor part of the baby is seen.

The little one already shows us all his skills and wants to investigate everything around him. 

Everything catches his attention, so parents have to be very careful and pay close attention to the child since they will want to take everything they see. 

Therefore, it would be good for us to start taking precautions in all corners of the house, all security is little for the care of our children!

1- Clapping games

Games like clapping or interacting are preferred by babies in their ninth month of life. It amuses and entertains them a lot. 

2. Walking exercises

You can use a row of chairs to support him, a bench or a low piece of furniture to support him, he can also be held on a wall to take his first steps.

You can take a sheet and pass it over his chest to promote walking.

Stimulation Exercises for Babies For over 12 months

Stimulation Exercises for Babies For over 12 months

During the baby’s first year, encouraging of his abilities is important. At this age, the baby will be walking (or almost), but at least attempts will be made to stand up.

At first, he walks with open arms to balance himself better. It will not be easy at all and in many cases, he will swing from one side to the other.

For that same reason, parents should be very careful at this stage so that there is no major fall that could seriously affect them, as this could make the baby fearful to walk.

1. Walk-in balance. 

When they are alone, you can make circles so that they are stooping toys or cushions.

Final Thoughts About Stimulation Exercises for Babies

All exercises should be done very carefully, without straining the baby and choosing carefully when the baby is most rested or ready to pay attention.

Lastly, the information about stimulation exercises for babies is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Always seek the advice of your baby’s physician with any questions you may have regarding the stimulation exercises for babies.

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Stimulation Exercises for Babies (2-12 Months)

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