first weeks with a newborn

Surviving the First Weeks With a Newborn

How to survive the first few weeks with a newborn

Wondering how to survive the first week with a newborn?

When you have a child for the first time and you are a new mom, surviving the first week with a newborn may be somewhat complicated.

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to survive the first weeks with a newborn. 

Is it night or is it a day? 

How many hours have passed since we went to bed? 

Why are you crying now? And above all, does the baby breathe? 

These are some of the questions we new parents ask ourselves when we spend the first weeks with a newborn. A few nights of exhaustion and worry, especially for first-time parents. 

Surviving the First Weeks With a Newborn

Surviving the First Weeks With a Newborn

1- Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the baby from minute one

It is possible that before the baby arrives you have done as parents the necessary work for the arrival of your little one.

But some skills cannot be mastered until you reach motherhood with everyday life with a baby. The theory is fine, but it is the practice that can really teach you. 

Breastfeeding, calming a child, surviving without sleep, and other unknown areas will be learned through practice. 

But the first weeks with a newborn are crucial and that’s why you need to learn beforehand how to handle the most common challenges.

2- Survive without sleep

Survive without sleep

Your baby may sleep most of the day but it will not be continuous and if you are lucky he will be able to sleep for three to four hours at a time (both day and night). 

To survive without sleep you will have to take advantage of your baby’s naps to sleep yourself. 

If this is not possible for any reason, then ask someone you trust like your mother for help so you can have times of uninterrupted sleep at night. 

Or take turns with your partner … but prioritize sleep hours to properly care for the baby.

3- Comfort the baby

Comfort the baby

Newborn babies are very likely to have colic and reflux. This will cause discomfort and pain, so they are likely to cry almost non-stop. 

Try to calm the baby with a gentle massage on the belly accompanied by delicate movements in the legs. This will help relieve colic and expel the gases.

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4- Make your baby feel safe and secured

Make your baby feel safe and secured

Newborns need physical contact with their mother to feel good, safe, and secured. 

You can calm your baby by creating soothing sensations by: 

  • wrapping him, 
  • rocking him,
  • singing to him,
  • all this can make him calm and feel comforted, safe, and secured.

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5- Breastfeeding


They say that breastfeeding occurs naturally, but for many mothers, it is somewhat complicated. 

Ideally, a breastfeeding professional can advise you right after delivery so there are no problems. 

In this way, a breastfeeding consultant can help you feel more confident and enjoy much more beautiful breastfeeding. 

If for any reason, you cannot breastfeed your baby, don’t worry because there is infant formula milk with all the components your baby needs to grow up healthy and strong.

If you want to learn more about breastfeeding. I highly recommend Milkology by Stacey. A Certified Lactation Consultant. 

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6- Food throughout the day

Food throughout the day

A baby will ask for food between two and four hours throughout the day and night. 

You must accept that you will be tied to a couch, bed, or rocker while your baby is hungry.

So the most important thing is that you get comfortable and enjoy that beautiful moment with your baby.

7- Distribute the tasks

Distribute the tasks

Although this is logical, it never hurts to remind families that dad should also be involved in everything. 

Distribute the tasks and tasks with the baby so that both of you can have the same role in infant care. 

While it is true that dads cannot breastfeed babies, they can do everything else like bath time, burping the baby after eating, changing diapers, preparing meals, or just hugging the baby to give love.

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8- The Crying baby

The Crying baby

The first few nights:

  • doubts about breastfeeding,
  • baby gas or colic,
  • poop, and above all, why does the baby cry? 

The causes can be different and you will probably calm down by picking him up or feeding him.

The baby may be hungry, but if he is already crying, we are late. 

So if you notice he is restless, he moves, he makes noises, we can react sooner and avoid crying by breastfeeding.

Many parents have the positive experience of having put the baby in bed with them for a better rest (always following the recommendations for baby safe sleeping guidelines by CDC). 

What we cannot pretend that there is a “magic” method for the baby to sleep.

We need a lot of patience and love those first few nights and first weeks with a newborn (and probably many others).

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9- Take the opportunity to rest

Take the opportunity to rest

We are faced with so many new, unknown things that everything seems challenging. 

We are scared and confused, we are especially sensitive to everything that happens with the baby.

Words like “Sudden unexpected infant death” stalk and frighten new dads and moms those first few nights, but we don’t have to spend all our time checking to see if the baby is breathing. 

Do not worry about doing it either, we have all looked over the baby to check that he is still breathing there, placing his hand on his chest or face.

But if you don’t hear him, he sleeps peacefully. 

Take advantage of yourselves to do the same. Really. 

Take the opportunity to rest because that dream will not last too long, which is normal and healthy, and soon the baby will wake up. 

Babies who sleep through the night within a few months are a rare bird.

Sometimes it will seem to you that not even ten minutes have passed between one take and another and we ask ourselves, how is this possible?

Final Thoughts About Surviving The First Weeks With a Newborn

The first weeks with a newborn is a very important moment that you have to enjoy, understand, and take in the best possible way.

The first few nights and the first weeks with a newborn can be confusing, exhausting, but also unforgettable.

And it is that for the first time we have with us that new person who has changed our lives.

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