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8 Things That No One Tells You About After Birth

Once the baby is born, the joy is great. But as soon as the baby is there, and after birth, some funny things happen that of course, nobody told you before!

Once the baby is born, the joy is great. The strains of pregnancy are finally over and you want to concentrate fully on your baby.

You’re still weakened in the hospital, but overjoyed. But as soon as the baby is there, some bizarre things happen that of course, nobody told you before!

Do you think your stomach is flat again after giving birth? Not even close.

1. Your breasts are suddenly common property

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. You can feed your baby with your milk. Excellent! BUT with the fewest mothers it works right away.

Problems with the mooring or the milk have not yet shot in – all such things.

There are many midwives in the hospital who are there to help and advise you.

And want to see your breasts all the time. They want to see if you put the child on correctly.

They grab your breasts and knead them to see if milk is already coming out.

HELLO? Privacy? Nothing! You have to get used to that now because you will be your baby’s “food” for the next few months.

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2. Have you been to the toilet?

Without going into too much detail here: No matter whether natural birth or cesarean section.

After the child is there, you are constantly asked in the hospital whether you have had a bowel movement. Here, too, privacy is a thing of the past.

The doctors and nurses want to know if your gut has started to function again. This is important, but also quite embarrassing.

3. Child speech

From the mother’s excretions, it goes straight to the child’s excretions. In the first few days, your child eliminates the so-called child’s speech.

This is a black, chewy mass that looks very scary, but is completely normal. Before the chair eventually turns greenish and then changes to yellow.

It stays yellow as long as you are fully breastfeeding or give the bottle.

4. The thing about the newborn period

Did you have a daughter? My sister just gave birth this month and it’s a baby girl. When she changed the diaper on the second day after. She was in a huge shock.

There was blood in the diaper. Not much, but still blood. That can’t be a good thing. She was like “Oh my god, my poor baby.” She was still in the hospital and immediately called the nurse.

When this finally came, she totally presented and dissolved the bloody diaper to the nurse. And she started to laugh! “It can happen!” Was her answer.

My sister said: How can that be normal, please? This is blood !? “This is the newborn period,” she said. THE WHAT?

In fact, some pregnant women produce a lot of estrogens, which is passed on to the children.

If this is the case, it causes a little bleeding in girls after birth.

5. Do you think your stomach is flat again after giving birth? Not even close.

For most women it is more the case that months afterwards the belly looks more like soft, wobbly bread dough.

Through gentle sport and the right nutrition, you can of course quickly bring your figure back into a neat and respectable shape.

But your stomach will never look the same again – resign yourself to it.

For this you have had a child, which leaves “traces” and should make you proud of your body.

6. Sleep through?

Many of the guides say that children start to sleep through their 1st birthday – and you can sleep through it again.

There may certainly be children to whom this applies. For most, however, the world looks different!

They come at night even with one year – sometimes even several times.

They want another bottle, their teeth breakthrough, or they roll around in bed so wildly in their sleep that they bump into the cot somewhere or their pacifier falls out.

There is always something and it will stay that way for a while.

7. Only when you have a child do you know who your real joy is.

Unfortunately, this is really the case. If your world is only about the little human being and you no longer have the spontaneous time to go out in the evening.

Some of your supposedly best friends will suddenly disappear from the scene.

You no longer have time (or desire) to meet for coffee in the afternoon.

Because the baby is there. Of course they don’t tell you that directly. But you will find that some people gradually disappear from your life. I definitely felt that way.

It’s a shame, but you will also find new friends through your child.

Because if the children become friends with each other, the mothers must also communicate with each other.

And some good friendships can also develop here.

8. Smart advice in bulk

And then there are the people who think they have to instruct you with “clever” advice.

What annoyed me most was the statement “Sleep when the baby is sleeping!”

In theory, that sounds pretty good. But in practice it looks different.

Because I also have to take a shower, have some food, do a load of laundry and do some housekeeping.

When you have a newborn, all you have to do for these things is the time the baby sleeps.

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Once the baby is born, the joy is great. But as soon as the baby is there, and after birth, some funny things happen that of course, nobody told you before!
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