How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Children

Respect, conversation, activities, and spending time together are some of the keys to strengthen your relationship with your children.

Having children is one of the great experiences and satisfaction in life, but as they grow older the relationship with them may become challenging to the point that it becomes really bad. 

However, we do not have to lose hope since it is always possible to improve the parent-child bond that unites you. 

Let’s see below, a guide of steps in which we explain how to strengthen your relationship with your children.

When our children are young, it is very easy to maintain a relationship of love and respect with them that is constant.

But kids grow up, and as they develop their own individuality and personality, as well as life experiences. 

They change in their relationship with everything. The world, including parents.

So if the relationship with your children has been broken, or goes through a challenging situation, you should take into account what we are telling you now. To improve and strengthen your relationship with your child.

Steps to strengthen your relationship with your children.

Steps to strengthen your relationship with your children.

1- Listen carefully 

Everyone wants to feel that they are being heard and listened to, and children are no exception. 

Sometimes what seems like a small problem for adults can be a big problem for children. 

That is why parents must learn listening skills that will help them understand the emotions that their child may be trying to convey in conversations. 

This will help solve problems. And will make the child feel that their parents understand them better.

And that in cases of having a relationship problem this can improve with a little conversation.

Parent active listening is described by CDC as:

“A good way to improve your communication with your child. It lets your child know you are interested in what she has to say.”

You may want to check out this article if you want to learn more about how to practice active listening.

2- Respect your children

Children have to obey their parents, but we must also respect them as children from the moment they are born. 

Not only take care of them, respect their opinion (although sometimes we have to make them understand that they are not right).

And in this way make them feel valued within the family support.

So that any problem in your relationship can be resolved with that conversation and knowing that all will be heard.

3- Always seek love for your child even when they disappoint you

Many times, bad relationships with children begin when there are arguments in the coexistence to the point of thinking that the behavior of our children has disappointed us. 

But we do not have to be direct and much less consider putting love aside. Love for a child is inevitable and even if the relationship is bad, you must make them feel it.

4- Express your feelings

Love cannot be absent between parents and children even with a bad relationship. But it is also advisable that you express your feelings and what you feel about the bad relationship situation you are in.

5- Take them somewhere special

In the event of having a bad relationship with your children, it will be good to reconnect with them. 

A good idea may be to take them to a special place. One that allows you to get away from the bad environment that you breathe at home. And that allows you to establish new bonds of love and respect.

6- Hug your children

A hug has great healing power. It may be that the bad relationship with the children is due to a lack of communication or not knowing how to approach your child in phases such as adolescence. 

Hug your child and he will feel that he can always turn to you when he needs it.

7- Let time heal the wounds

A bad relationship with a child can be something that marks both parties. 

So before committing to solving the problem between parents and children, it is better to let some time pass.

Or try to understand that your child may need time to decide to fix things.

8- Share a personal story

Children love hearing stories about their parents when they were their age. This will also be an opportunity for parents to share a piece of their history with them. 

And also give some valuable tips to learn where they made mistakes. Parents have to be honest and answer children’s questions.

9- Don’t yell

Sometimes it’s hard not to yell at kids, but most parents feel bad after yelling at their kids. If you want any ideas to help stop yelling, something as simple as breathing can help keep you calm.

If you want more tips for this, take a look at this article: How to Get Your Kids To Listen Without Yelling

10- Ask your children for help

Improving and strengthening the relationship with your child is possible with all the tips mentioned above. 

But finally, it should be added that a good way to make the relationship stronger and healthier one will be to involve the children in the things the parents are doing. 

Final Thoughts On How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Children

Steps to strengthen your relationship with your children.

What matters for family members and what makes them strong for life is the quality of the relationships between them.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your children, you should refrain from constant evaluation.

And instead, concentrate on your child’s feelings and actions. 

Listen to your child carefully. Repeat in your own words what they said to check that you understood them correctly. Show your respect. Pay attention to the child’s feelings. 

Try to take their perspective. Show compassion and understanding. 

Steps to strengthen your relationship with your children.

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