6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

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In everyday life with kids, chaos is often preprogrammed. We have a few ideas on how to reduce stress at home and recharge your batteries for everyday life with kids.


6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

Most parents know it: what always looks so peaceful with others, in films, advertisements and newspapers, turns out to be exhausting in reality. 

Relieving stress creates a peaceful family atmosphere: relaxed parents have happy children.

The children are happy, the house is tidy and spotlessly clean, ironed the clothes, and the food. Freshly cooked and healthy – is on time on the table. 

Especially if you share your everyday life with a toddler: Say goodbye to this idea! 

Say goodbye to perfectionism: this is the first step to relieve stress. 

Everything does not always have to be perfect. Nobody starves to death when the meal is finished later than hoped.

And nobody dies if yesterday’s toys are still lying around in the living room today. 

Concentrate on the essentials: a clean kitchen, a clean bathroom and a certain basic order are sufficient in stressful times. 

And even if a healthy diet is important: 

On days with many appointments, it is completely understandable to quickly put a pizza in the oven or simply serve pasta with tomato sauce.

Have the courage to fill in the gap in your diary

Mondays to the crawling group, Tuesdays for swimming, music school on Wednesdays, and Groceries on Thursdays. 

In between visits to the doctor, going to the supermarket and doing housework. 

Those who are constantly on the move will not get anything. 

Reduce your stress management appointments as much as possible. 

Most children are less happy about many different activities outside the home than simply being able to play with relaxed parents at home or outdoors. 

Think back to your childhood.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.

Especially when a partner works full-time or you are a single parent, 

You often have the feeling that you have to carry the whole load alone. 

But asking for help is no shame: 

Invite grandparents or friends. 

Find a babysitter who will take care of the children for one hour once or twice a week. 

So you have free space and can take care of things that have been left undisturbed or use free time to relax. 

If you have big problems and need tips to reduce stress, you should not be afraid to seek professional help. Ask your family doctor for advice.

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

1. Ways to Reduce Stress at Home- Exchange with others

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

It often helps to realize that others are the same. 

Talk to parents of children of a similar age and you will see that almost everyone has the same problems. 

Maybe your friends also have ideas on how to reduce stress.

2. Ways to Reduce Stress at Home – Treat yourself to time out: relaxed parents have happy children. 

Because: “When families experience stress episodes, it’s usually not just a single person who is involved. 

Stress can be transferred from one family member to the other. 

3. Do things now and then, alone, with a friend or with your partner.

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

A visit to the cinema, a treatment at the beautician, a shopping spree. 

Then you will be able to take care of your children with renewed energy – they will thank you! 

If you only work and have stress, your children will get annoyed at some point.

4. Ways to Reduce Stress at Home – Set priorities

You can’t do everything in one day. After getting up, make a list of a few important things you need to do today and focus on these points. 

Everything else can wait. To reduce stress, you should do as little as possible.

5. Ways to Reduce Stress at Home – Concentrate on the essentials – these are your children

They have more of a lesson together in the playground, a picnic in the forest, or a visit to the swimming pool than from a shiny clean apartment.

6. Helps with stress and with learning: tinker the anti-stress ball yourself

We all know them: days when nothing works, everyone is stressed and gray hair grows noticeably faster. 

A kneading ball provides a remedy: it can be used to reduce stress, unrest, and aggression easily. 

Anti-stress balls are great tools that can help reduce stress. 

They are available in different forms and types on the market, but can also be easily made with just a few materials. 

Stress balls are also very suitable for schoolchildren. 

Different studies have shown that the balls can have a positive effect on the learning process during learning. 

Whether for fun, for stress relief, or for relaxation: kneading balls can be used anytime and anywhere. 

With our handicraft instructions you can easily create your own stress balls, which you can freely design or consume according to your wishes. 

Bye-bye stress: make your own kneading ball

What you need for a ball: 

  • Two balloons in different colors
  • Flour or short grain rice
  • Small plastic bag
  • scissors
  • teaspoon
  • Waterproof pens for decoration
  • More decorative items

Step by step to the raging ball

1. Take the balloons and the scissors: cut off the narrow ends of both balloons. 

2. Fill the plastic bag with the flour or rice. The rice should be round-grained, otherwise, the kneading ball may burst later. Around 10 teaspoons fit in a large balloon.

3. Now twist the open end of the flour sack airtight or knot it and cut it off. 

4. The bag should now be formed into a ball. Make sure that there is no more air in the bag and that the opening does not open.

5. Put a balloon over the flour sack. It should be noted that the sack does not open or

6. After you have pressed the ball into shape, put the second balloon over it. The new opening should now be opposite the flour sack opening. 

7. Now you can give the stress ball a face with a waterproof pen. And, for example, let the hair grow with wool threads and glue. 

6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids

The anti-stress ball with toothpaste

You need this material for the toothpaste ball

  • balloon
  • Tube of toothpaste
  • Fruit or vegetable net 
  • Thin plastic cord
  • scissors

Step by step against the stress

1. Fill the balloon with a whole tube of toothpaste. The type of toothpaste does not matter.

2. Knot the balloon tightly. For safety’s sake, do not cut the opening. 

3. If you want to be on the safe side, put another balloon without a mouthpiece over the ball. Then the ball will not burst easily. Now pull the fruit net tightly over the balloon.

4. Tie the end of the net with the cord and cut away the end of the net. 



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6 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home and Restore Your Energy for Everyday Life With Kids
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