when do babies sit up

When Do Babies Sit Up (5 Exercises to Help Baby Sit Up On Their Own)

When do babies start sitting up

Time passes so fast when your children are babies, that when you least expect it, the time has come for them to learn to sit. 

Learning to sit up varies from baby to baby. However, it is reasonable to observe from around the fourth month of life of your baby, that he already begins to position his body to attempt to sit down. 

It is something natural and they know that their body asks for it. Although for them this becomes a real challenge to overcome. 

When Do Babies Sit Up

when do babies sit up

According to Today.com:

“Around month four, your baby will likely able to sit up with some help from you—he might be on the floor and you’re holding his waist for support. Over time, he’ll need less help. “Milestones can vary for each child, and although typically babies can sit unsupported at six months, it can be a few months sooner or later,” says Mitzner. As Mitzner explains, babies tend to “tripod” forward at first, meaning they lean forward to support themselves with both hands.”

In the fifth month of age, they can sit, their back is prepared but they will not have enough strength to maintain balance.

The baby cannot keep her body sitting and use her arms and hands to place them on the floor and adopt the necessary balance.

By the age of seven months, the baby is beginning to be able to sit fully independently for at least a few minutes. 

Others still do not reach it until nine months of age, everything will depend on the development of each child.

What not to do when sitting down

What not to do when sitting down

Each child has his own needs, if his body does not ask for it, he may not be ready to sit down. Forcing him to take this posture can put pressure on his spine that can be damaging.

If a baby gets used to sitting, it is best to avoid developing other movements such as lying down and moving his body with small turns or even learning to crawl. 

If you want to keep the child sitting, try to do it with small intervals of time, and make sure that he does not fall to the sides, with the help of some type of baby gear or baby cushions.

Is food-related to sitting?

Is food-related to sitting

It is from four to six months when the baby can begin to eat his first solid food. The ability to do this will depend on whether the child is ready and if he shows interest. 

Sitting the child to give him his food is linked to that moment since he is already being placed in a high chair so that he begins to maintain that position by himself.

5 Exercises to Help Baby Sit Up On Their Own

Exercises to Help Baby Sit Up On Their Own

There are some exercises that you can practice with your child to make this process faster, and it goes without any discomfort or damage to his spine. Get to know them!

We can help them take ideas of what it’s like to sit down. Helping him is allowing him to adopt postures that are moderately complex for him, such as turning him upside down. 

In this way, we help to strengthen their muscles which will be vital to sit.

You can try doing some exercises with the baby. 

1- Tummy Time

Tummy Time

According to Baby Center:

Tummy time is essential from day one to help your baby grow strong – even if your baby fusses and cries when you put him on his belly. Experts find that babies who don’t spend time face-down often have some delays in their development of motor skills.

If your baby doesn’t like being on the floor, you can place him on your stomach. Playing and talking with your baby while he is doing tummy time makes this exercise fun for both of you

2- Pull him gently

Pull him gently

Lay your baby on his back on a blanket or mat. Grab him under your arms and pull him slowly until you feel him. 

Encourage him in the process or tell him what you are doing. With this exercise, you are teaching him the movement he has to do to sit down.

3- Roll

Roll the baby slowly

Lay him on his back and sit behind his head. Show him a toy that catches his eye so he wants to grab it; move it to the side so he can roll.  

This movement is basic so that your baby learns to move his body and then try to sit up.

4- Sit him up gradually 

Sit him up gradually

Your baby on a blanket and hold him by the hips; count to 10 and lay him down. 

Then repeat and increase the time you remain seated. With this movement, your baby will learn to hold your spine and head upright.

5- Get him to move his back

Get him to move his back

Lay him on his back and show him a toy. When you try to take it, you will stretch your arms and your back, and your baby will try to get up on his own.

Final Thoughts On When Do Babies Sit Up

It is important that you perform all these exercises on a smooth surface since you will avoid any type of accident and give you greater confidence to do so.

If your baby isn’t sitting up by 7 months, talk to your baby’s doctor. 

Additionally, if your baby has any developmental delays or medical issues, talk to your baby’s doctor or therapy team. 

Lastly, the information on when do babies sit up is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. 

Always seek the advice of your baby’s physician with any questions you may have regarding the development of your baby.

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Exercises to Help Baby Sit Up On Their Own

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When Do Babies Sit Up (5 Exercises to Help Baby Sit Up On Their Own)

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